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New Years Resolution

Some of the most popular New Year’s resolutions focus on a healthier more active lifestyle. In theory, these resolutions are great but staying on track and following through with them is a different story. Everybody starts off strong when it comes to a resolution for the New Year, however, when February and March roll around they tend to become lax and lose sight of their goals. Here are some tips to help you stay on track this year and achieve fitness success.

First, prepare your food on the weekend for the upcoming week. Making Fitness, Wicked Fitness, Christmas, Holiday Season, New Years, New Years Eve,Memorial Day, Fitness, Healthy Food, Healthy Snacks, Burn Caloriesenough food for two meals a day for five days might seem tedious but the convenience and comfort of knowing you will not have to stress about what you are eating or how much makes prepping worth it. Also, plan your cheat meals. If you know you are going out with a friend on the weekend then choose that as your cheat meal. However, do not overindulge and be sure to get back on schedule the next day.

Next, log your calorie intake. Whether you prefer to keep a food journal or to use a more modern version like an application on your smartphone such as My Fitness Pal , either method will help hold you accountable. By documenting all of your intake it is forcing you to acknowledge everything you put in your mouth, even the few bites of pasta you snack on while cooking.

Lastly, stay true to your workout plan. Make sure you set an attainable goal of how many times you will workout in a week. Once that is established, stick to your regiment. The only exceptions for not going to your gym session should be illness or an emergency.

The best motivation to keep going with your fitness plan is to see that all of your hard work is actually paying off. Give your body at least four weeks to adjust and you will start to see results and for some they may even come sooner. Start devising a fitness plan now and make 2015 your best and healthiest year yet!

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Staying Fit During The Holidays

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The holidays are a time of gathering with family and friends. Unfortunately, the majority of family functions are centered around eating and drinking, and most are not health conscious. If you’re trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle things can get tricky as temptation is lurking around every corner. Here are some tips on how to avoid gaining those extra pounds during these next few months.

1. Make it a point to be extra health conscious for all of the surrounding days. For example, if you love your cocktails and typically you allow yourself to have some drinks a few nights a week, try to abstain until your holiday party. The same goes with food. Plan your “cheat meals” so they coordinate with your celebrations and you won’t feel nearly as guilty!

2. Get your morning workout in. If you know you’re going to be indulging at evening holiday parties, then burn calories prior to your gathering and get your metabolism revved up for the day. Those extra 500 calories you burned in the gym could make a difference of not gaining that extra pound.

3. Eat. Make sure you are eating throughout the day and not “saving” your calories for later. Starving yourself during the day will only cause your body to want to store the fat it consumes when you do eat. Also, by eating it will cause you to be less hungry later on in the day.

4. Drink lots of water. As we all know drinking enough water is essential for several reasons. One, if you’re dehydrated then your body will not function properly. It can cause false hunger pains causing you to eat unnecessarily when your body just needs hydration. Also, when we are consuming a significant amount of sugary drinks and alcoholic beverages water is essential to replenish and rehydrate not to mention help you avoid the dreaded hangover!

If you remember to follow these four easy steps, you will breeze through the holidays successfully. You should be able to maintain your current weight without depriving yourself of any of the festivities. Remember to stay on track with your fitness routine and follow the rule of thumb “everything in moderation” your New Year’s resolution won’t have to be starting from square one.

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Give Thanks To Yourself

As women we all feel immense pressure to look a certain way. Studies have shown that social media can have a negative impact on how we view ourselves. The more time we spend comparing ourselves to others we will end up feeling negatively about our body image. This fall is the perfect opportunity to start fresh and cleanse from the inside out.

Gratefulness, giving thanks, positive affirmationsEvery morning when you wake up say a positive affirmation such as, “I am beautiful,” or “I am amazing and I bring everything to the table.” Any time during the day when you begin to let negative thoughts slip in, replace those with your affirmation. Eventually this will become second nature and you will witness an amazing change around you.

Connecting your mind, body and soul is an essential key to happiness. Yoga can assist in facilitating this connection. It will help you learn to quiet your mind while gaining focus on one thing whether it is breathing, your mantra or a goal. Projecting positivity into the atmosphere will bring it back into your life. Only you can make a change so take a look inside yourself and recognize your beauty. Once you realize your self worth everyone else will follow.

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Let’s Meditate

The society we live in today is fast-paced and filled with stress. Simply dealing with everyday life can leave us feeling weighed down as we allow negative thoughts to enter our minds. Most of us tend to want to hold on to everything instead of accepting things and letting them go. However, we all need a way to release this tension. And one of the best ways to do so is to quiet the mind through meditation.

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Although there are other great methods of relieving tension such as exercise, listening to music, and etc., meditation is extremely beneficial both physically and mentally. Physically it can help lower blood pressure, reduce anxiety attacks and pain related to tension, increase serotonin, improve energy levels, and your boost immune system. Mentally, mediation can help you find clarity, happiness, peace of mind, creativity, emotional stability and so much more.
All you need is to set aside 15 minutes a day for yourself. Make sure you step away from the chaos and activity around you and dive in. Once it becomes part of your daily routine you will find yourself looking forward to your meditation as it will become the highlight of your day.

We suggest visiting here for suggestions on effective meditation practices.

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Didn’t Come Close To Your Fitness Goal

Maybe you weren’t able to reach your fitness goal this summer, or maybe you put on a few extra pounds from all of those barbeques and fruity cocktails. No worries, fall is officially here which means it is the perfect time to reassess your diet and exercise regimen. The sooner you get into a routine, the more success you will have making it through the holidays. Here are a few tips to help you stay on track and meet your goals this fall.

Establish a weekly meal plan and stick to it. Diet is more than half the battle. Therefore, putting forth the extra effort to have healthy food at your convenience can make a world of difference. Try pre-cooking lean protein for the work week on Sunday so that when you go to grab lunch it will be ready. Also, keeping healthy snack s around like fruits, veggies and nuts will help you avoid eating the wrong things. Be sure to eat the correct amount of calories for your body type as eating too many or too few will hinder your progress.

Keep a food journal. Documenting everything you eat will give you a clearer picture of what you are ingesting on a daily basis. And yes, those two spoonfuls of macaroni and cheese you ate while making the kids their dinner count! Although it may seem a little inconvenient at first, it will soon become second nature and will help you assess your eating habits. Also, there are several fitness/calorie counting apps on your smart phone for those who are more technically savvy.

Hold yourself accountable for your workouts. Whether you are marking your activity on the calendar, working out with a gym partner, or simply packing your workout gear the night before, take the necessary steps to make it happen. You may not always feel extremely motivated but as long as you push yourself and keep your end goal in mind you will achieve success. Remember, you will never regret a workout.

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“Fat Day” Do’s and Don’ts

Lacking a little confidence lately? Or maybe you’re just having an off day.  As women we all have those moments where we don’t feel as sexy, beautiful, and confident as we should. Here are a few ways to help you feel fantastic about yourself despite waking up on the wrong side of the bed.

If you’re having a “fat day” where nothing seems to fit or look good, dressingweight loss, loose weight, skinny, Healthy Living in the right type of clothing is essential. Despite what you may think, going baggy is not the answer. Wear form fitting clothes or outfits that give you shape. If you’re wearing a dress, try pairing it with a high-waisted belt that shows off your figure. Also, a cute blazer or jacket will give you a great silhouette and hide your bloat at the same time!

On a good day you may be able to get away with a 5 minute face and 10 minutes on your hair but if you’re having an off day, spend a little extra time getting ready in the morning. Style your hair like you might if you were going on a hot date. Also, try adding a little more color to your face like wearing some lip stain or eye shadow.  Click here to see popular lip stains.

Most importantly to look and feel better it starts with the inside. Drink lots of water Stay Hydrated, Hot, Summer, Boot Camp, Fitnessand hot green tea to cleanse your body throughout the day. Also, eating healthy will make you feel better instantly. So skip the salty Chinese food and choose a better option like a salmon salad or some fruits and veggies. Lastly, exude confidence. The more you believe it and own it everyone else will too.

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Hot Fitness Apps and Tools

Are you looking to step up your workout routine and start achieving your fitness goals? Try adding some modern technology into the mix! Here are a few of our favorite apps and tools that will help you get there efficiently:

If you have a smart phone the My Fitness Pal app is a great way to track your calories Fitness Apps,  Nike, Sportwatch,  and keep a food diary. The food database is endless and it’s free. Realizing your calorie intake versus how many calories burned etc is the key to weight loss and success. This app makes it extremely easy for you to meet your goals and even set new ones.

Are you an avid runner or are you thinking of trying your hand at running and signing up for a few races?  The Nike+ Sportwatch GPS may be the perfect fitness tool for you. In addition to GPS, this watch tracks calories burned, sends goals and reminders, and will even help you beat your personal records from previous runs.

Maybe you have an active job and just want to count how many steps you’ve walked all day. In this case we suggest using Strava, a free smart phone app that will GPS track your activity, or if you are looking for something less conspicuous try a Nike Fuel Band or a Jawbone Up. Both of these wristbands will monitor your movement through motion sensors.

As these are all just suggestions and based on personal preference, another app or fitness gadget may work better for you. Either way, take advantage of the tools around you and make it easier for yourself to taste success.

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Be Inspired. Be Motivated. Be Challenged.

At Wicked Fitness Boot Camp, we will help you lose weight efficiently and teach you how to keep it off. Through plyometrics, agility drills, flexibility training, cycling, and body sculpting in a high energy group setting you will be challenged within your means. The Boot Camp, Fitness Boot Camp, Training Boot Campdiversity of our workouts coupled with our experienced instructors is a recipe for success. When you are putting in hard work and dedication you will see results, and when you see results you stay motivated to maintain your fit and healthy lifestyle. Don’t wait, give us a call today and find out more about our boot camp and how we can help you become a better healthier you!

Be inspired. Be motivated. Be challenged to lose weight. All three will turn your body into a fat burning machine. Our instructors will work with you one-on-one modifying your workouts based on fitness level and past injuries.

Boot Camp will also whip your eating habits into shape by teaching you easy to follow guidelines on our Non-Diet regiment. If you want to get lean, toned and Wicked Fit then Boot Camp is the class for you! And remember here at Wicked Fitness “We believe in fitness through motivation, not intimidation.”


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Core It Up

Having a strong core is not only sexy but it also prevents injuries when strength training or even performing daily tasks. Core training can also help you avoid a fitness plateau. And although there are many misconceptions out there, core training is much more than just doing sit-ups or crunches.       core, strength training, exercise, Myrtle Beach, Women only Fitness
At our Wicked Core Conditioning Class, you will experience 60 minutes of high-intensity intervals that will be sure to rev up your metabolism. Targeting your abdomen, thighs, arms, shoulders and buttocks you will leave exhausted, but wanting to come back for more. It’s the summer, stop by Wicked Fitness and start working on your beach body today!

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Wicked Fitness Boot Camp- Loose with Agility Drills

At Wicked Fitness Boot Camp we will help you lose weight efficiently and teach you how to keep it off. Through plyometrics, agility drills, flexibility training, cycling, and body sculpting in a high energy group setting you will be challenged within your means. The diversity of our workouts coupled with our experienced instructors is a recipe for success. When you are putting in hard work and dedication you will see results, and when you see results you stay motivated to maintain your fit and healthy lifestyle. Don’t wait, give us a call today and find out more about our boot camp and how we can help you become a better healthier you!

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