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New Years Resolution

Some of the most popular New Year’s resolutions focus on a healthier more active lifestyle. In theory, these resolutions are great but staying on track and following through with them is a different story. Everybody starts off strong when it comes to a resolution for the New Year, however, when February and March roll around they tend to become lax and lose sight of their goals. Here are some tips to help you stay on track this year and achieve fitness success.

First, prepare your food on the weekend for the upcoming week. Making Fitness, Wicked Fitness, Christmas, Holiday Season, New Years, New Years Eve,Memorial Day, Fitness, Healthy Food, Healthy Snacks, Burn Caloriesenough food for two meals a day for five days might seem tedious but the convenience and comfort of knowing you will not have to stress about what you are eating or how much makes prepping worth it. Also, plan your cheat meals. If you know you are going out with a friend on the weekend then choose that as your cheat meal. However, do not overindulge and be sure to get back on schedule the next day.

Next, log your calorie intake. Whether you prefer to keep a food journal or to use a more modern version like an application on your smartphone such as My Fitness Pal , either method will help hold you accountable. By documenting all of your intake it is forcing you to acknowledge everything you put in your mouth, even the few bites of pasta you snack on while cooking.

Lastly, stay true to your workout plan. Make sure you set an attainable goal of how many times you will workout in a week. Once that is established, stick to your regiment. The only exceptions for not going to your gym session should be illness or an emergency.

The best motivation to keep going with your fitness plan is to see that all of your hard work is actually paying off. Give your body at least four weeks to adjust and you will start to see results and for some they may even come sooner. Start devising a fitness plan now and make 2015 your best and healthiest year yet!

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