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Back to the Basics

“5 Foods to Never Eat”, “Six Weeks to a New You”, “6 Tips to Improve Your Posture”, “21 Day Fix”, “South Beach Diet”, “Insanity” all sound fantastic however, being bombarded with so many options can send your mind into overdrive. To make things more confusing, many of the diet and exercise regiments out there consist of conflicting information. Getting back to the basics will help you regain focus on your ultimate goal.

Ultimate Goal: To maintain a healthy balanced life.

No matter what style of exercise routine you prefer make sure you are challenging yourself. For example, if 30 minutes on the elliptical is a breeze, you may want to consider increasing the level of difficulty and speed or try a high intensity interval cardio session instead. If you are only doing cardio then add weights. Without a challenge there is minimal effort and with minimal effort you will not achieve results. Also, consistency is vital so don’t go more than 3 days without working out.        Myrtle Beach weight loss

Eating healthy is not a diet it’s a lifestyle. The sooner you come to terms with this the better. If you have been eating healthy for a few months and aren’t seeing results, there is a logical reason. Ask yourself what are you doing or not doing that could be causing the problem. Are you:
• “Tasting” your kid’s meals in between yours
• Having that beloved glass of wine every night
• Consuming too many calories from healthy food or possibly not enough

Write down everything you consume and re-access your nutrition. From there you should be able to determine where the issues lie and make the necessary changes. If this is too challenging for you then consult a nutritionist, your health is worth it!

Set goals and stick to them. Dig deep and discover what motivates you. If your ultimate goal is to have more energy to play with your kids, to fit in your favorite pair of jeans, or to finish your first official race then use that motivation to fuel your fire. If you happen to have an off day where you don’t eat as well as you should or don’t make it to the gym, don’t beat yourself up. Let it go, move on, and make twice the effort the following day. Living a healthy lifestyle is a choice and if you remain positive and determined you can do anything you set your mind to.

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