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Get Pumped and Get Fit

Making fitness a priority in your life is a game changer. We all recall the first few weeks of making our fitness resolution, you were 100% committed. Months went by and you were looking slimmer, feeling amazing, not to mention more fitter than you have ever been. And then you plateaued. What the heck happened? You were still exercising and eating healthy. Good news is, you can bounce back. Let us help you reset.

Challenge yourself to get the best toning results. When it comes to weight loss, studies have shown that the intensity of a workout effects weight loss more than the workout duration. Remember that your body adapts quickly to the same routine, so mix up different forms of weight training with cardio and high-intensity interval training. Keep in mind this one caveat, not every lifting session should be to your maximum potential.

Know your calorie burn…Are you over eating it? You might be. Oddly enough, the calorie count from even the fanciest watches is often overestimated. So if your goal is to lose weight, keep yourself at a calorie deficit. By eating healthy or cleaner, being conscience that liquid calories count, and pre-portioning your food, you most likely will not overeating your daily allowed calorie count. Remember this: People on the go often consume more calories, so take time and sit down as you eat your meals and snacks.

Mix It Up. If a typical workout for you includes running, cycling, or Zumba, know your body is getting very good at this type of cardio. That’s why you must mix up your workout. Add strength training and muscle toning into your workout. Even consider yoga to improve flexibility.

Less Stress & More Sleep. You already know the importance of healthy eating and exercise, but have you ever considered the importance of stress and sleep? Finding a manageable balance of both is essential because it can influence your exercise negatively. After a tough workout, sleep is essential for muscles to heal. And stress…well that’s even worst on your body, it wreaks havoc on your hormones and can also train your body to retain fat.

So get on track and stay focus. If you add at least two of our suggestions to your daily life, you are sure to see a difference in your weight loss, mental health, and physical endurance. Reset Accomplished!

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