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Queens Cook For Themselves: Why Cooking, Meal Prep & Weight Loss Go Hand and Hand

At some point in all our lives we have gone in to a restaurant and seen a thin, attractive woman sit down and somewhere in our minds we think, “I bet money she only orders a salad”, and then laugh to ourselves when she does. And we possibly rolled our eyes as well. Predictable, right? Well, that woman possibly ordered that salad because when eating out, it’s the one thing you can try best you can to control. When trying to lose weight, I mean, SERIOUSLY trying, one of the first things that has to go out the window is eating out. Why is this? Because you have no control over what exactly is going in to your food, and or how exactly it is going to be prepared. Say you go to a restaurant and order the fish entrée. Good choice… right? Not necessarily. Chances are that portion is going to be more than what you actually should be consuming at one time, or, the fish itself is possibly going to come with some type of butter sauce, and even more possibly was cooked in higher fat oil or a vat of butter, adding more calories than you could imagine.
Last week as a special treat I took my kids out to dinner…Waffle House…their choice. (Yes, believe it or not, my kids usually do eat very kid friendly food, despite that even when I’m cooking I cook myself something entirely different.) As we sit their waiting for their breakfast dinners, I stare at a $5 dollar menu, with about 10 different choices you could get all for $5. Listed next to these “amazing” breakfast deals are the calories in each meal. The average caloric intake was between 700-1000 calories! And these were not any thing you would normally think “well, that’s obviously unhealthy”. So, in other words, you go to breakfast, and you have just consumed over half of your daily caloric intake. I can guarantee if you were cooking for yourself something at home, your caloric intake would be less.
So, often when starting out on a cutting phase of a diet (usually phase one, also often the hardest, and most strict), it is imperative to also cut out eating out, and yep, you are going to have to learn to cook for yourself. Shocking, I know. We live in a world that we all have very busy lives, and yes cooking and meal prep, is time consuming. But failure to plan truly is planning to fail. At Wicked fitness, we understand hectic schedules, and so therefore in Wicked Fitness Counseling we take that in to account and I ask honestly, as far as diet goes, what can you honestly commit to. Grocery shopping is suddenly a bigger task because you have to read labels, and buy things you may not know how to cook.
It is quite the learning experience, but so necessary. If you can control how your food is being cooked, what it’s being cooking in, what’s going on it, how often you are eating, etc, then you will actually be one step closer to having the figure you are working out so hard to obtain. Fitness and food go hand in hand, and most people do not realize how important what you eat actually is.
I’ve trained clients in the past that would get upset because they felt they were working out so hard but weren’t loosing weight. Upon asking them to do a food journal they were actually taking in 3000 plus calories in a day! You can kill yourself for 2 hours in the gym, but if you are consuming that many calories in a day, no, you are not going to lose weight.
You must eat, and often to boost metabolism. This means preparing out your meals and snacks for the day ahead of time, in the event that you are out and not at a place you can sit down and have your next meal. That does take forward thinking. But if you do not plan it out, next thing you know, your next meal time rolls around, you suddenly are walking down the isle in Target and realize you are starving to death. You are more than likely to grab the first thing you can find, and or grab something on the go, and because you are then famished, over eat. Get a plan! Make a grocery list! Learn to cook. You never know, clean eating does not have to be torture. Your body will thank you, and your results will be worth every minute of planning and prepping.

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Even the Little Changes: 5 Helpful Tips When Trying To Lose Weight

It happens to the best of us…. Our lives become busy. We are suddenly slammed at work. Our kid’s sports schedules replace our gym time. We are busy studying for a test. We go on vacation and don’t get right back on routine. One cheat day, becomes a slow and steady decline in our usual diet, or like some, a rapidly snowballing avalanche. And before you know it you wake up having put on the extra pounds, and not even really sure how it got there. With the weather getting warmer and bikini season right around the corner, you may have already tackled the dreaded “Bathing Suit Shopping!!” which is enough to wake anybody up. (Those dreaded 360 degree mirrors?! And that fluorescent lighting….Really…does anyone EVER look good?!) Well, I am here to tell you, relax. At Wicked Fitness we have all the tools necessary to help get you back into the best shape of your life. But in the meantime, there are some helpful small things you can do to jump start your weight loss journey.

Water, Water, WATER!
You can not possibly get enough of it. Water is the number one thing you can do to flush fat. So, why do so many dread it so? Or you may think you already drink enough of it, but chances are, you are wrong. It is also amazing for diminishing cellulite (fat), flushing toxins from your body, and creating beautiful skin. With all the health benefits of drinking enough water, you can’t go wrong. And in truth, if you where to fill up a gallon jug and see how much you are actually drinking… you’d probably be surprised at your lack of intake. Want to jump start weight loss… DRINK MORE WATER.

Eat Breakfast
For decades it has been said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Well, guess what? Our parents, and their parents, and their parents before them were really on to something. Your body can not start burning fat, until you feed it. You usually wake up hungry for a reason. Your body needs a jump start. Not only will it help get your mind going for the day, but also your body as a fat burning machine. Consuming protein, and whole grains within 45 minutes from the time you wake up will not only give you the energy you need for the day, but also is a diet MUST (and please, leave the sugar out).

Eat Small Every Three Hours
Have you ever looked at a very thin person and thought, “how is she/he so thin? They never stop eating?” Chances are that it is working in their favor. If you are regularly feeding your body, your metabolism will be constantly burning. However, letting too much time go by in between meals will often force your metabolism into starvation mode, which in turn means it doesn’t know when it’s getting it’s next meal, so it must hold on to stored fat for energy later. Often weight gain or not being able to loose weight may actually mean you are not getting enough calories. Healthy small meals, every three hours, will keep your metabolism doing exactly what you want.

Read Labels
Those things on the side of every package of everything, that’s a nutrition label. And it’s key to knowing what is actually going in your body. Most people when they start reading labels are quite surprised. Just because something does not taste sweet does not mean it’s not packed with sugar. And something as simple as a Tortilla may actually have a ton of carbohydrates. Canned foods and processed foods… usually loaded with sodium and fats. These are all tiny things that could sabotage weight loss. Know what is in your food.

Eat Whole Foods
It is true, the cleaner you eat, the cleaner your body will feel. You will start releasing lots of unwanted toxins and by eating cleaner your body will be able to do what it needs to do without all the “sludge”. By whole foods I don’t mean you suddenly have to break the bank buying all organic. Organic is great and always the best choice, but we are all on a budget. At Wicked Fitness, we realize this. By eating clean or whole foods I mean know what you are eating, and keep it simple. There is a world of vegetables at your grocery store you probably have never even tried. Try switching out your breads and such to whole grain options. Watch the amount of butter and oils you use in cooking, (a small amount adds up to added fat calories very quickly). Know what you are putting in your body, and you will be one step closer to being Wicked Fit!

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Pole Fitness: Breaking the Stigma

It has been taboo for years, and although in many communities is finally getting the recognition it deserves, so many still feel the need to be mindful of who they mention it in front of. Chances are, before you ever took your first Pole Fitness class, something inside your brain thought it might be striper-robics. Or you had this image of a class full of beautiful, model types, strutting around a pole in super heels (that in your mind, you’d surely fall on your face in). And even once you found a location to give it try, you very well may have thought, “I will try it…I’ll likely feel out of place… but at least I can say I did it once… Definite Sexy points!” And then, chances are even better when you actually walked in to a pole class for the first time, you were pleasantly surprised. These were not strippers at all! As a matter of fact, that person on the pole next to you might possibly live in the same development, or the one a few poles over, you possibly passed in the grocery store last week. All these people look like average, every day, human beings. And suddenly, so much that you thought Pole Dancing for fitness was, is shattered in your mind.
And even more of a surprise in class, everyone is NOT actually looking at you! Imagine that! You laugh when you realize the woman next to you is feeling just as silly as she tries certain moves for the first time. It is way harder than you ever anticipated but the biggest bonus…it is FUN. Before you know it, class is over, and you think, “That was so exhausting, but where did the time go?!” And that’s it, you are hooked, you are suddenly a pole addict trying to absorb all information you can. You can’t wait until your next class, and in the meantime you dive headfirst in to videos on YouTube. A whole new world is opened to you that you never really knew about before. This was not your every day exercise class. These women were truly defying gravity, like gymnasts. And now, you could relate to how hard what they were doing actually was.
So, how do we break the stigma surrounding Pole Fitness? TALK ABOUT IT! Chances are when you start talking about it to friends, family, coworkers, they will have the same first reaction you did. There is your opportunity to get them to take it more seriously. And there will always be those just too close minded to want to accept it for the growing sport it is becoming. But, in truth women and men all the way up in to their 70’s are embracing pole fitness to increase strength, become more flexible, and gain confidence. It is empowering. And anything that is empowering, someone, some where is going to try and belittle. Pole athletes are the first line of defense for breaking the stigma surrounding pole fitness as a sport and an art. When your friends, family, and coworkers start seeing the positive changes in you physically, and emotionally, usually that positivity is contagious. And usually, they will have wished they gave it a try when you first told them about it. Now is the time to be the “YOU” you have always wanted to be. Stand in your power! Come to Wicked Fitness in Myrtle Beach and give Wicked Pole Fitness a try. We offer 5 classes a week.

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