15 Rules to Staying Healthy

1. Drink lots of water.
*Drinking eight 8oz glasses of water a day will help your body metabolize fat, rid itself of waste, and keep you from feeling false hunger pains.

2. Never go more than 3 days without exercising.

*Setting a standard for yourself will help keep you on track and in a routine.

3. No carbohydrates after 2pm.
*Eating carbs early in the day will give you a needed boost of energy and allow time for you to burn them off throughout the day.

4. Always choose natural foods.

*Processed foods are unfamiliar to your body making it more difficult for you to metabolize them efficiently.

5. Change up your workouts to challenge yourself.
*Your body will become acclimated to a repetitive workout routine. The best way to see results is to keep your body guessing by switching it up. Try incorporating HIIT as well.

6. Incorporate strength training with weights into some of your workouts.
*Did you know that strength training builds muscles and that leads to burning more calories? The more muscle your body has to maintain the more calories you will burn.

7. Avoid artificial sweeteners.

*Anything artificial that you’re putting into your body is probably not the healthiest choice. Although removing/avoiding artificial sweeteners is currently only a theory, these sweeteners are thought to maybe even cause weight gain.

8. Limit the amount of alcohol you consume and avoid mixed drinks filled with sugar.

*Not only will your beloved cocktail add calories to your diet but it will actually slow down your metabolism in order to enable your body to process the alcohol. Not to mention after having a few, eating an entire pizza doesn’t seem so taboo.

9. Try new healthy recipes.

*Grilled chicken and veggies are great but if that’s all you ever eat, chances are you will get bored and fall off the wagon. Add some variety and spice to your meals and truly enjoy your food!

10. Set goals for yourself so that you are always working to achieve something.

*Make sure to have a clear idea of what you want to accomplish…fitness goal or healthy eating goal or both. Also, don’t forget to celebrate the goals you have achieved!

11. Plan outings with friends around physical activities rather than dinner or drinks.

*Take temptation out of the equation and suggest spending time with your friends participating in a fun activity like paint balling, kayaking, mini golf or even a bike ride.

12. Meal prep is essential.

*Although initially it may seem like a lot of work, preparing your meals ahead of time will ensure that you are making good decisions and sticking to your healthy lifestyle.

13. Eat before a party or gathering so that you are less tempted to make bad choices.

*By attending an event already full, the only thing you will gain is an advantage. Even though your favorite dip may be in front of you, your judgment won’t be clouded by hunger therefore you are more likely to say no.

14. Keep healthy snacks on hand at home and at work.

*For those desperate times when you are starving and need to eat something immediately, these already prepared healthy snacks will be your lifesavers.

15. Be patient and stay positive.
*Although sometimes easier said than done, try and be patient because results won’t happen overnight. Embrace the journey and always try to maintain a positive attitude. Negativity will only bring you down and allow you to make excuses for yourself. As long as you are putting in the work, the results will follow.

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Am I Doing This Right?

If you find yourself in unfamiliar surroundings when it comes to the fitness world, you are not alone. There are so many options for different workout regimens out there it truly can become overwhelming. If you are starting out on your own, questions such as “What types of exercises should I do?” and “How long should I be doing these movements for?” will arise. All of these questions are legitimate and the best solution for a beginner is to seek guidance from a professional. Taking classes or hiring a personal trainer may be something you want to consider to ensure that you are on the right path to success.

A trained professional can assist not only with what you are incorporating into your routine but also in how you are executing it. Remember form is everything. If you aren’t using correct form you are at the risk of becoming seriously injured. When you’re squatting, for example, you may not realize that your feet are not in the correct position that in turn can hurt your knees. Now, imagine adding heavy weight onto your squats while using bad form. The effects over time can be detrimental.

Another important factor to remember is that whatever amount of effort you put into your workout is what you will get out of it. If your form is bad and you’re “cheating” or not engaging all of the correct muscles, you are not only at risk for injury but you are wasting your time. And time wasted reflects in the lack of results. Why would you want to spend 2 hours in the gym but only get 1 hour worth of results?

At Wicked Fitness we want you to make the most of your time while you are with us. Our professional instructors are motivational and helpful as they have your best interest at heart. The variety of classes that we offer can even be beneficial to the veteran gym goer who may need a refresher on form or a change of pace. Our affordable prices make it even more appealing to see what we are all about. Call, stop by or visit our website today to see what we can do for you!

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Back to the Basics

“5 Foods to Never Eat”, “Six Weeks to a New You”, “6 Tips to Improve Your Posture”, “21 Day Fix”, “South Beach Diet”, “Insanity” all sound fantastic however, being bombarded with so many options can send your mind into overdrive. To make things more confusing, many of the diet and exercise regiments out there consist of conflicting information. Getting back to the basics will help you regain focus on your ultimate goal.

Ultimate Goal: To maintain a healthy balanced life.

No matter what style of exercise routine you prefer make sure you are challenging yourself. For example, if 30 minutes on the elliptical is a breeze, you may want to consider increasing the level of difficulty and speed or try a high intensity interval cardio session instead. If you are only doing cardio then add weights. Without a challenge there is minimal effort and with minimal effort you will not achieve results. Also, consistency is vital so don’t go more than 3 days without working out.        Myrtle Beach weight loss

Eating healthy is not a diet it’s a lifestyle. The sooner you come to terms with this the better. If you have been eating healthy for a few months and aren’t seeing results, there is a logical reason. Ask yourself what are you doing or not doing that could be causing the problem. Are you:
• “Tasting” your kid’s meals in between yours
• Having that beloved glass of wine every night
• Consuming too many calories from healthy food or possibly not enough

Write down everything you consume and re-access your nutrition. From there you should be able to determine where the issues lie and make the necessary changes. If this is too challenging for you then consult a nutritionist, your health is worth it!

Set goals and stick to them. Dig deep and discover what motivates you. If your ultimate goal is to have more energy to play with your kids, to fit in your favorite pair of jeans, or to finish your first official race then use that motivation to fuel your fire. If you happen to have an off day where you don’t eat as well as you should or don’t make it to the gym, don’t beat yourself up. Let it go, move on, and make twice the effort the following day. Living a healthy lifestyle is a choice and if you remain positive and determined you can do anything you set your mind to.

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Didn’t Come Close To Your Fitness Goal

Maybe you weren’t able to reach your fitness goal this summer, or maybe you put on a few extra pounds from all of those barbeques and fruity cocktails. No worries, fall is officially here which means it is the perfect time to reassess your diet and exercise regimen. The sooner you get into a routine, the more success you will have making it through the holidays. Here are a few tips to help you stay on track and meet your goals this fall.

Establish a weekly meal plan and stick to it. Diet is more than half the battle. Therefore, putting forth the extra effort to have healthy food at your convenience can make a world of difference. Try pre-cooking lean protein for the work week on Sunday so that when you go to grab lunch it will be ready. Also, keeping healthy snack s around like fruits, veggies and nuts will help you avoid eating the wrong things. Be sure to eat the correct amount of calories for your body type as eating too many or too few will hinder your progress.

Keep a food journal. Documenting everything you eat will give you a clearer picture of what you are ingesting on a daily basis. And yes, those two spoonfuls of macaroni and cheese you ate while making the kids their dinner count! Although it may seem a little inconvenient at first, it will soon become second nature and will help you assess your eating habits. Also, there are several fitness/calorie counting apps on your smart phone for those who are more technically savvy.

Hold yourself accountable for your workouts. Whether you are marking your activity on the calendar, working out with a gym partner, or simply packing your workout gear the night before, take the necessary steps to make it happen. You may not always feel extremely motivated but as long as you push yourself and keep your end goal in mind you will achieve success. Remember, you will never regret a workout.

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Wicked Fitness Boot Camp- Loose with Agility Drills

At Wicked Fitness Boot Camp we will help you lose weight efficiently and teach you how to keep it off. Through plyometrics, agility drills, flexibility training, cycling, and body sculpting in a high energy group setting you will be challenged within your means. The diversity of our workouts coupled with our experienced instructors is a recipe for success. When you are putting in hard work and dedication you will see results, and when you see results you stay motivated to maintain your fit and healthy lifestyle. Don’t wait, give us a call today and find out more about our boot camp and how we can help you become a better healthier you!

Boot Camp, Fitness Boot Camp, Training Boot Camp, Boot Camp Billy Blanks,

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Boot Camp Is For You

Fitness Boot Camp, Boot Camp, Marine Boot Camp, Billy Banks,

Are you tired of starting a new diet and exercise regiment over and over again because you seem to give up or lose motivation? If you’re like many people, having a workout buddy is essential to your fitness success. On those days where you are feeling weak and want to skip the gym, your partner is there to motivate you. Our Wicked Fitness Boot Camp is the perfect “workout partner” that will hold you accountable and help you meet your fitness goals.

At our fitness Boot Camp, you will not only lose weight but feel more energized and most importantly gain the confidence you need to continue to be fit and healthy long after Boot Camp is over. Here you will never feel intimidated by a screaming instructor or a workout that is too difficult. We will work with you no matter your level of fitness or if you have limitations due to injury. Let us help you conquer and achieve!

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Stay Hydrated During Myrtle Beach Summer and Wicked Boot Camp

It’s summertime, and the days are continuing to get hotter and hotter. Remember to stay hydrated! Staying hydrated is extremely important for your health. Be sure to drink at least eight glasses of water a day.

Stay Hydrated, Hot, Summer, Boot Camp, Fitness

7 Benefits of drinking water
1. Help flush out all of the toxins
2. Help remove fats left in your system
3. Aids in keeping your weight down
4. Promotes healthy elasticity in your skin
5. Increases muscle efficiency
6. Maintaining or improving memory function
7. Joint lubrication

Who knew that this one simple step can increase your overall well-being so dramatically? Be sure to bring bottled water during our Wicked Boot Camp.   Flush Toxins, Remove Fats, healthy elasticity

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Healthy Tips for Aging Women

Senior Women, Exercise, Exercise Classes, Aging WomenAs we age, we tend to want to back off of exercises like squats or lifting heavier weights because we are afraid of injury. However, what many people don’t realize is that we squat and lift heavy weights all of the time in everyday life i.e. when picking up the groceries, lifting the grandchildren, cleaning underneath the couches, gardening, etc. By learning to do these exercises properly and maintaining a strong core in the gym, injuries can be prevented.



Cycle, Spin Class, Cardio, Senior Woman, Cycle Class, Spin ClassAlso, just because we getting older doesn’t mean we should cut out high-impact activity that can help with bone density. Marching in place, lunging and jumping rope are just a few examples. Lastly, try and get at least 4 hours of cardio in a week.  Whether it be walking, jogging, biking, swimming, kayaking or another favorite activity of your choice before you know it, your routine will be second nature and you will be on your way to a healthier more fit you!

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Pole Dancing and Healthy Eating

As beach season is right around the corner, Pole Sculpting is the perfect way to get long lean toned muscles and feel extra confident this summer. Through body resistance and strength training this class will help you achieve definition, muscle endurance, and burn those unwanted calories. Have fun and get fit in this 60 minute class that will leave you wanting to come back for more! No matter your shape or size this class is suitable for all. Most importantly…Have Fun, here at Wicked Fitness you can work at your own pace in an intimate judgment free environment.

Summer Body Diet Tip: Substitute all snacks and sides for veggies. Eating healthy in combination with a Wicked Workout routine, and you will Pole Dancing, Pole Dance, Vegetables, No Carb Diet, Veggie begin to look and feel better in no time!

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Call it Pole Dancing or Pole Fitness Just Eat Low Carbs

Pole Fitness, Sit ups, Crunches, Pole Dancing

To achieve a strong core you must do hundreds of sit ups right…wrong! There are many ways to strengthen your core without even doing a sit up or a crunch. Pole Fitness is a great option for anyone looking for an alternative core workout. Through body resistance and isolated movements you will target your entire core instead of just one small section at a time. Pole Sculpting is one of the fastest growing workout trends for a reason. Come try one of our Wicked Pole Fitness classes today and see what all of the hype is about!

Summer Diet Tip: Try and keep your carbohydrate intake to a minimum. When you do eat carbs choose healthy ones like fruit, oatmeal, or rice. Also, stick to eating these energy packed foods earlier in the day so that your body has time to burn them off.

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