Breaking Through Fitness Barriers

Are you stuck in a repetitive fitness routine that you find yourself going back to time and time again?  Are you experiencing a lack of results and finding yourself less interested in keeping up with your workouts because you are bored?  Well don’t stress, at Wicked Fitness we know just how to help you break the lull and renew your love for fitness.

At our facility, we offer a wide variety of diverse classes from more traditional to the most cutting edge fitness wickedfit_combo  trends. Our specialty is providing customers with an unmatched experience of having fun while getting great results.   Before you know it, coming to class will not be something you feel forced to do but rather something you look forward to.  Ultimately, your entire outlook will change as your attitude towards fitness and living a healthy lifestyle become a choice.  Once this transformation within yourself takes place, the results will not be far behind!


Regardless of your age or fitness level, we have something that will work for you.  Our small class sizes coupled with our expert instructors who truly care will help you on your journey to success.  If you are interested in the more Girl measuring her butt, body part.traditional style workouts, we offer classes such as Wicked yoga, cycling, booty blast, and kickboxing, or for those who like to spice it up with a little more diversity we even offer Wicked pole fitness, twerkout, crazy and interval classes just to name a few.  With summer right around the corner don’t hesitate. Stop by or give us a call today and let us help guide you on your health and fitness journey today!

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Stay Hydrated During Myrtle Beach Summer and Wicked Boot Camp

It’s summertime, and the days are continuing to get hotter and hotter. Remember to stay hydrated! Staying hydrated is extremely important for your health. Be sure to drink at least eight glasses of water a day.

Stay Hydrated, Hot, Summer, Boot Camp, Fitness

7 Benefits of drinking water
1. Help flush out all of the toxins
2. Help remove fats left in your system
3. Aids in keeping your weight down
4. Promotes healthy elasticity in your skin
5. Increases muscle efficiency
6. Maintaining or improving memory function
7. Joint lubrication

Who knew that this one simple step can increase your overall well-being so dramatically? Be sure to bring bottled water during our Wicked Boot Camp.   Flush Toxins, Remove Fats, healthy elasticity

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Healthy Tips for Aging Women

Senior Women, Exercise, Exercise Classes, Aging WomenAs we age, we tend to want to back off of exercises like squats or lifting heavier weights because we are afraid of injury. However, what many people don’t realize is that we squat and lift heavy weights all of the time in everyday life i.e. when picking up the groceries, lifting the grandchildren, cleaning underneath the couches, gardening, etc. By learning to do these exercises properly and maintaining a strong core in the gym, injuries can be prevented.



Cycle, Spin Class, Cardio, Senior Woman, Cycle Class, Spin ClassAlso, just because we getting older doesn’t mean we should cut out high-impact activity that can help with bone density. Marching in place, lunging and jumping rope are just a few examples. Lastly, try and get at least 4 hours of cardio in a week.  Whether it be walking, jogging, biking, swimming, kayaking or another favorite activity of your choice before you know it, your routine will be second nature and you will be on your way to a healthier more fit you!

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