Fitness Gadgets

Hot Fitness Apps and Tools

Are you looking to step up your workout routine and start achieving your fitness goals? Try adding some modern technology into the mix! Here are a few of our favorite apps and tools that will help you get there efficiently:

If you have a smart phone the My Fitness Pal app is a great way to track your calories Fitness Apps,  Nike, Sportwatch,  and keep a food diary. The food database is endless and it’s free. Realizing your calorie intake versus how many calories burned etc is the key to weight loss and success. This app makes it extremely easy for you to meet your goals and even set new ones.

Are you an avid runner or are you thinking of trying your hand at running and signing up for a few races?  The Nike+ Sportwatch GPS may be the perfect fitness tool for you. In addition to GPS, this watch tracks calories burned, sends goals and reminders, and will even help you beat your personal records from previous runs.

Maybe you have an active job and just want to count how many steps you’ve walked all day. In this case we suggest using Strava, a free smart phone app that will GPS track your activity, or if you are looking for something less conspicuous try a Nike Fuel Band or a Jawbone Up. Both of these wristbands will monitor your movement through motion sensors.

As these are all just suggestions and based on personal preference, another app or fitness gadget may work better for you. Either way, take advantage of the tools around you and make it easier for yourself to taste success.

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