Give Thanks To Yourself

As women we all feel immense pressure to look a certain way. Studies have shown that social media can have a negative impact on how we view ourselves. The more time we spend comparing ourselves to others we will end up feeling negatively about our body image. This fall is the perfect opportunity to start fresh and cleanse from the inside out.

Gratefulness, giving thanks, positive affirmationsEvery morning when you wake up say a positive affirmation such as, “I am beautiful,” or “I am amazing and I bring everything to the table.” Any time during the day when you begin to let negative thoughts slip in, replace those with your affirmation. Eventually this will become second nature and you will witness an amazing change around you.

Connecting your mind, body and soul is an essential key to happiness. Yoga can assist in facilitating this connection. It will help you learn to quiet your mind while gaining focus on one thing whether it is breathing, your mantra or a goal. Projecting positivity into the atmosphere will bring it back into your life. Only you can make a change so take a look inside yourself and recognize your beauty. Once you realize your self worth everyone else will follow.

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Let’s Meditate

The society we live in today is fast-paced and filled with stress. Simply dealing with everyday life can leave us feeling weighed down as we allow negative thoughts to enter our minds. Most of us tend to want to hold on to everything instead of accepting things and letting them go. However, we all need a way to release this tension. And one of the best ways to do so is to quiet the mind through meditation.

meditation, yoga, peace, mindfulness, reiki
Although there are other great methods of relieving tension such as exercise, listening to music, and etc., meditation is extremely beneficial both physically and mentally. Physically it can help lower blood pressure, reduce anxiety attacks and pain related to tension, increase serotonin, improve energy levels, and your boost immune system. Mentally, mediation can help you find clarity, happiness, peace of mind, creativity, emotional stability and so much more.
All you need is to set aside 15 minutes a day for yourself. Make sure you step away from the chaos and activity around you and dive in. Once it becomes part of your daily routine you will find yourself looking forward to your meditation as it will become the highlight of your day.

We suggest visiting here for suggestions on effective meditation practices.

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