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Pole Fitness: Breaking the Stigma

It has been taboo for years, and although in many communities is finally getting the recognition it deserves, so many still feel the need to be mindful of who they mention it in front of. Chances are, before you ever took your first Pole Fitness class, something inside your brain thought it might be striper-robics. Or you had this image of a class full of beautiful, model types, strutting around a pole in super heels (that in your mind, you’d surely fall on your face in). And even once you found a location to give it try, you very well may have thought, “I will try it…I’ll likely feel out of place… but at least I can say I did it once… Definite Sexy points!” And then, chances are even better when you actually walked in to a pole class for the first time, you were pleasantly surprised. These were not strippers at all! As a matter of fact, that person on the pole next to you might possibly live in the same development, or the one a few poles over, you possibly passed in the grocery store last week. All these people look like average, every day, human beings. And suddenly, so much that you thought Pole Dancing for fitness was, is shattered in your mind.
And even more of a surprise in class, everyone is NOT actually looking at you! Imagine that! You laugh when you realize the woman next to you is feeling just as silly as she tries certain moves for the first time. It is way harder than you ever anticipated but the biggest bonus…it is FUN. Before you know it, class is over, and you think, “That was so exhausting, but where did the time go?!” And that’s it, you are hooked, you are suddenly a pole addict trying to absorb all information you can. You can’t wait until your next class, and in the meantime you dive headfirst in to videos on YouTube. A whole new world is opened to you that you never really knew about before. This was not your every day exercise class. These women were truly defying gravity, like gymnasts. And now, you could relate to how hard what they were doing actually was.
So, how do we break the stigma surrounding Pole Fitness? TALK ABOUT IT! Chances are when you start talking about it to friends, family, coworkers, they will have the same first reaction you did. There is your opportunity to get them to take it more seriously. And there will always be those just too close minded to want to accept it for the growing sport it is becoming. But, in truth women and men all the way up in to their 70’s are embracing pole fitness to increase strength, become more flexible, and gain confidence. It is empowering. And anything that is empowering, someone, some where is going to try and belittle. Pole athletes are the first line of defense for breaking the stigma surrounding pole fitness as a sport and an art. When your friends, family, and coworkers start seeing the positive changes in you physically, and emotionally, usually that positivity is contagious. And usually, they will have wished they gave it a try when you first told them about it. Now is the time to be the “YOU” you have always wanted to be. Stand in your power! Come to Wicked Fitness in Myrtle Beach and give Wicked Pole Fitness a try. We offer 5 classes a week.

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