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Wicked Fitness Boot Camp- Loose with Agility Drills

At Wicked Fitness Boot Camp we will help you lose weight efficiently and teach you how to keep it off. Through plyometrics, agility drills, flexibility training, cycling, and body sculpting in a high energy group setting you will be challenged within your means. The diversity of our workouts coupled with our experienced instructors is a recipe for success. When you are putting in hard work and dedication you will see results, and when you see results you stay motivated to maintain your fit and healthy lifestyle. Don’t wait, give us a call today and find out more about our boot camp and how we can help you become a better healthier you!

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Ready to Pole Dance, Incorporate Eating Lean

Pole Dancing, Pole Fitness, Body Sculpting, Protein, Lean MeatsSleeveless tops, sun dresses, and bikinis, OH MY! Don’t let your summer wardrobe stress you out, sign up for one of our $10.00 Pole Fitness classes today! Not only are they fun and entertaining but you will begin toning and seeing results in no time. Sculpting sleek and sexy arms, building a strong core, and tightening up those glutes will have you feeling fantastic this summer. Remember, when you’re having a blast and seeing results it is much easier to stay on track.

Summer Body Diet Tip: Whether it is in the form of eggs, whey powder, chicken, or fish, incorporate lean protein into your daily diet. Eating lean protein will not only help you feel full longer but it will also help maintain lean muscle mass which is imperative to a healthy weight loss regiment.    Eggs, Healthy Foods, Protein, Pole DancingPole Fitness, Whey, Protein, Suppliment


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Pole Fitness? Pole Dancing? Let’s Move-Let’s Exercise

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Wicked Pole Fitness
As beach season is right around the corner Pole Sculpting is the perfect way to get long-lean toned muscles and feel extra confident this summer. Through body resistance and strength training this class will help you achieve definition, muscle endurance, and burn those unwanted calories. Have fun and get fit in this 60 minute class that will leave you wanting to come back for more!

Our Class
Wicked Pole Fitness is a very popular class. To reserve your spot in our high energy and fun pole dancing exercising class call 877-751-2992. Wicked Pole Fitness is for both beginner and advance exercise enthusiasts.

Summer Body Diet Tip
Substitute all snacks and sides for veggies. Eating healthy in combination with a Wicked Workout routine, and you will begin to look and feel better in no time!


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New Body with Pole Fitness

Try Pole Fitness and get Wicked Fit.

Try Pole Fitness and get Wicked Fit.

Taboo is in. Pole dancing once took place only in gentlemen clubs, but now it’s a mainstream exercise for women of all ages, shapes, and personalities. So much so that many women have installed poles in their bedrooms after attending a series of pole fitness classes. Our instructors at Wicked Fitness will guide you step by step. No dance experience is required for our Pole Fitness class. That’s right, you can have 2 left feet!

Benefits of Pole Fitness/Sculpting
Strength training workouts are essential to incorporate into your regimen. When you strength train the muscles in your body begin breaking down only to rebuild. Once this occurs your body will continue to burn calories long after your workout is over. A great way to achieve this while having fun is by taking a pole fitness class.

If you are finding conventional workouts boring and redundant pole fitness is a great alternative. Through isometrics that target your body’s major muscle groups you will sculpt long and lean muscle. Your workout should be something you look forward to not something you dread. When you are healthy and in shape, your inner confidence will shine through so try our pole fitness class today!

Call Wicked Fitness at 877-751-2992 to schedule your Pole Fitness class for $10 today. It is our privilege to guide each woman to a healthier body that is tone and sculpted to perfection. Best of all…Results range from boosted self-confidence, self-expression, weight loss, and a whole lot of GIRL POWER.

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Beach It Competition – 6 Weeks Back to the Beach Body!

Beach It Competition – 6 Weeks Back to the Beach Body!

May 3rd – June 14th
Cost: $199.00

Click Here to Register Online
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Beach It Competition - 6 Weeks Back to the Beach Body!
It’s time to join our “Beach It” program that runs from May 3rd – June 14th. Summer is almost here…Yup, the dreaded bikini and swimsuit time! IT WILL NOT BE EASY, nor am I interested in excuses. Hands down “Beach It” is a no bull…6 weeks of discipline, 6 days of dedication, and 42 days of diet. What will “Beach It” focus on?
– Cellulite Reduction
– Cardio
– Core
– Muscle (by muscle conditioning)
“Beach It” is not for the weak of minds. This 6 week proven program requires your commitment. Along with exercise, we encourage 3 simple consumption rules:
1. No Alcohol
2. No Sugar
3. Low Carb Diet

There are no exceptions to the rules and all classes and training must be done at Wicked Fitness.
You will be required to take at least one class or “Beach It” class per day at Wicked Fitness, including dieting daily. There are 2 diets available. One diet option is Yoli, this diet program includes using Yoli products. For your convenience Yoli is available on-site for purchase. The second diet option is to prepare meals at home that meet Wicked Fitness guidelines.

You must sign up and agree to the terms at WF, this will include a weigh in and measurements. We would ask that you talk to your doctor whether this program is for you. AS ALWAYS, we always you talk to your doctor before any work our regimen or diet.

No excuse, no exception just results for each dedicated participant, the client who loses the most weight and has lost the most inches will have their 6 week program monies returned and a $199.99 Yoli Package.

Is it your time to “GET WICKED”!

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