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Stay Hydrated During Myrtle Beach Summer and Wicked Boot Camp

It’s summertime, and the days are continuing to get hotter and hotter. Remember to stay hydrated! Staying hydrated is extremely important for your health. Be sure to drink at least eight glasses of water a day.

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7 Benefits of drinking water
1. Help flush out all of the toxins
2. Help remove fats left in your system
3. Aids in keeping your weight down
4. Promotes healthy elasticity in your skin
5. Increases muscle efficiency
6. Maintaining or improving memory function
7. Joint lubrication

Who knew that this one simple step can increase your overall well-being so dramatically? Be sure to bring bottled water during our Wicked Boot Camp.   Flush Toxins, Remove Fats, healthy elasticity

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Call it Pole Dancing or Pole Fitness Just Eat Low Carbs

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To achieve a strong core you must do hundreds of sit ups right…wrong! There are many ways to strengthen your core without even doing a sit up or a crunch. Pole Fitness is a great option for anyone looking for an alternative core workout. Through body resistance and isolated movements you will target your entire core instead of just one small section at a time. Pole Sculpting is one of the fastest growing workout trends for a reason. Come try one of our Wicked Pole Fitness classes today and see what all of the hype is about!

Summer Diet Tip: Try and keep your carbohydrate intake to a minimum. When you do eat carbs choose healthy ones like fruit, oatmeal, or rice. Also, stick to eating these energy packed foods earlier in the day so that your body has time to burn them off.

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Pole Fitness? Pole Dancing? Let’s Move-Let’s Exercise

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Wicked Pole Fitness
As beach season is right around the corner Pole Sculpting is the perfect way to get long-lean toned muscles and feel extra confident this summer. Through body resistance and strength training this class will help you achieve definition, muscle endurance, and burn those unwanted calories. Have fun and get fit in this 60 minute class that will leave you wanting to come back for more!

Our Class
Wicked Pole Fitness is a very popular class. To reserve your spot in our high energy and fun pole dancing exercising class call 877-751-2992. Wicked Pole Fitness is for both beginner and advance exercise enthusiasts.

Summer Body Diet Tip
Substitute all snacks and sides for veggies. Eating healthy in combination with a Wicked Workout routine, and you will begin to look and feel better in no time!


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New Body with Pole Fitness

Try Pole Fitness and get Wicked Fit.

Try Pole Fitness and get Wicked Fit.

Taboo is in. Pole dancing once took place only in gentlemen clubs, but now it’s a mainstream exercise for women of all ages, shapes, and personalities. So much so that many women have installed poles in their bedrooms after attending a series of pole fitness classes. Our instructors at Wicked Fitness will guide you step by step. No dance experience is required for our Pole Fitness class. That’s right, you can have 2 left feet!

Benefits of Pole Fitness/Sculpting
Strength training workouts are essential to incorporate into your regimen. When you strength train the muscles in your body begin breaking down only to rebuild. Once this occurs your body will continue to burn calories long after your workout is over. A great way to achieve this while having fun is by taking a pole fitness class.

If you are finding conventional workouts boring and redundant pole fitness is a great alternative. Through isometrics that target your body’s major muscle groups you will sculpt long and lean muscle. Your workout should be something you look forward to not something you dread. When you are healthy and in shape, your inner confidence will shine through so try our pole fitness class today!

Call Wicked Fitness at 877-751-2992 to schedule your Pole Fitness class for $10 today. It is our privilege to guide each woman to a healthier body that is tone and sculpted to perfection. Best of all…Results range from boosted self-confidence, self-expression, weight loss, and a whole lot of GIRL POWER.

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Go Yoli….My Better Body System

Yoli Weight Loss

Optimal health is something that we all desire in today’s day and age.  One major challenge that we face is putting purely organic food into our bodies.  Hormones that are in practically all of our food, GMO’s, and everything being over processed makes it nearly impossible for our bodies to work at their peak performance.  Yoli products can help get your body back on track to optimal health.

The Yoli “Yes” essential shakes are a great addition to your pre or post workout if you are looking for lasting results.  The Purawhey protein used in this product supports weight loss, increases muscle strength, and promotes digestive health amongst many other things.  Purawhey contains components that help trigger your body to produce Glutathione.  Glutathione is your body’s master antioxidant and is critical in fighting disease, aging and improving your overall well being.  Try Yoli in combination with your exercise regiment and work your way to a better, healthier you!

For those needing to boost their energy level after a workout or throughout the day, try Passion Thermo Burn Capsules.   Yoli Products EnergyEnhance your energy and enjoy improved metabolism with this natural, low-calorie energy drink. Thermo BurnT features Thermo-GT, and exclusive ingredient which naturally delivers energy over a prolonged period.  The price is $40.00.

To try Yoli’s Products click the link below.



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Beating the Weight Loss Plateau

Myrtle Beach weight lossWe all dread the word “plateau” when it comes to diet and exercise.  It can happen to anyone and can be very frustrating.  Your body will begin to accommodate its response to stress when that stress becomes repetitive. Thankfully there are several ways to break through your plateau.

Although you may think you are doing enough in your workout, youWicked Fitness Myrtle Beach may need to do more.  Intensity is key so try adding more reps or some extra cardio like intervals on the treadmill.  Also, make sure your exercises are not repetitive.  Muscle confusion will increase stimulation and eliminate the accommodation factor.  Lastly, make sure you are eating enough protein and drinking enough water.  Just remember as there is no quick fix, hard work and dedication is what will get you results!

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