Animal Reiki Sessions

“Reiki doesn’t come from your hands it comes from your heart ” -Kathleen Prasad, Founder of  The Shelter Animal Reiki  Association(SARA)
 Reiki  sessions are given for the purpose of stress reduction and relaxation to promote healing. Reiki is not a substitute for medical diagnosis and treatment. Reiki  practitioners do not interfere with the treatment of a licensed medical professional.
 In essence, an animal Reiki session is a meditation for healing with the animal. The word Reiki (ray-key)  translates from Japanese as Spiritual Energy.  A gentle, yet powerful and incredibly effective technique, Reiki promotes relaxation, peace and well being: ideal conditions to support a strong self healing process.
Like humans, animals experience blockages on an energetic level that impede their natural healing system and functions.  All animals have physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects to which Reiki can bring profound healing responses:
– calm fears and anxieties
– decrease stress
– support healing from illness, injury or ailment
– aid in post-surgery recovery
– reduce side effects from medication
– rebuild trust with humans
– support a peaceful hospice and dying process
It is also a great way to support a healthy pet. (like a relaxing spa treatment!)
Reiki can be shared at a distance, making it ideal for any and all animals
What To Expect
 I follow closely the guiding principles and code of ethics set forth by Kathleen Prasad, one of the pioneers of this wonderful work and the founder of the Shelter Animal Reiki Association . She states that “We do not doReiki to the animal, We be Reiki with the animal.” To me, that is a beautiful thought. As Reiki practitioners we hold a steady, calm, healing space inviting the animal to join, and  the animal can choose to accept- or not. It is always, without exception, the animal who is in charge of how(and whether) the treatment unfolds.  That said, it has been my experience that animals of all kinds enjoy and receive benefit from Reiki.
–  each session can be a combo of hands-on/short distance and/or distant healing. No physical contact is made until it is initiated by the animal.
– some signs that animals are accepting and enjoying the energy is yawning, stretching, laying down, sleeping deeply.
– some animals will lay down and sleep for an entire hour treatment,  while others will go back and forth between movement and stillness. There is  no right or wrong. All animals are unique and their experiences will be as well.  It is a co-creative process and I honor that.
Before our session we will talk via phone or email to address any questions or concerns you may have, and set a day/time that works best for all.
  The ideal setting for a Reiki session is the space where the animal feels most comfortable.  They are able to move freely during the session.
All are welcome!  All Animals and humans in the family  are welcome to be a part of and receive benefit from the experience.
 -A session is 30-60 minutes and costs $55 (add $10 if more than 15 miles from Wicked Fitness) and also includes a Long Distance Reiki Meditation for the animal, that will take place the following day.
Call 877-751-2992 to coordinate appointments & payments.
Picture is Rita visiting with Ginger💛 Montezuma,Costa Rica

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