Wicked Pole Fitness

Wicked Pole Fitness
Muscles used in this workout: Abdomen, Arms, Shoulders, Thighs, Legs, Feet

Class duration: 60 minutes
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This class is a step by step sequential workout program that begins with learning basic pole movements to help strengthen muscles so that each student will be able to learn intermediate pole movements in a safe and controlled environment. Every student will learn at a different pace therefore Polegression is applied to our Pole program so our students will be able to learn pole techniques regardless of fitness levels. Polegression techniques guide students in learning the art of the pole at a quicker pace while getting a higher quality workout.

Class begins with an intro to pole. Each student will learn hand/grip technique, pole terms and basic pole form. This class provides the basis for movement, with walking pirouettes, basic spins, basic pole climb and learning how to sit correctly on the pole. You will also learn basic sequences and simple combinations becoming comfortable moving continuously around the pole gaining strength, grace, flexibility and balance.

What to wear: Traction is needed to maximize your pole workout, so please wear SHORTS and NO body lotions or oils. Advance registration is required.

Space is limited in this class, so call 877-751-2992 or book online to reserve your pole. POLE FITNESS CLASS IS FOR THE BEGINNER IN POLE SCULPTING.

Just $15 per class

Frequently Asked Questions:

What should I wear?
Something comfortable. Workout attire is ideal. Leggings are o.k. but to start climbing/pole sits, you will need shorts.

What if I’m not flexible?
Most women are not. Improved flexibility is one of the amazing perks of the class.

What if I can’t dance?
Almost every beginner feels awkward, but unlike typical dance fitness/choreography based or step classes, this is a step by step learning process. You work at your own comfort level. No need to worry about going left when everyone is stepping right, In Wicked Pole, we are all going in a circle.

What if I have past/ Reoccurring Injuries
There is a modified move for most things in pole fitness. Safety is our Number one priority, and your trainer will know your limitations/history before you even begin. Wicked Pole is tailored to each individuals needs while helping you reach your goals at the same time.

What should I bring?
Water, although if you forget, our Wicked store has got you covered! A small towel or rag for your hands.

What if I don’t feel ready for a class, or I have specific goals… are private lessons available?
Yes. Contact us for information.

Words of advice:
NO LOTION!! It leaves residue on your hands, legs, feet which will make you slide. You actually want to be able to grip the pole. Lotion will not only leave you slipping and sliding when you want to grip, but also leave residue on your pole
Bring your fun side! This one hour is an amazing time to put yourself first, which as women we often forget how to do. Leave your worries at the door and come reach for your goals while having fun in a judgement free, encouraging, supportive space. Soon, you will be having so much fun you will forget you are working out and working hard.
Wicked Pole is not a cookie cutter class. Whether you would like to lose weight, tone up, feel healthier, improve cardiovascular endurance, improve confidence, improve flexibility, spice up your love life, or just make new friends, we are here to help you reach your goals!


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