Power Yoga

wicked power yoga myrtle beach
Muscles used in this workout: • Back • Abdomen • Buttocks • Thighs • Mouth • Vertebral • Pelvis • Shoulder • Arm • Leg

Class length: 60 minutes
Wicked Fitness has created an energetic and exhilarating program that combines strength, flow, and spirituality – Wicked Power Yoga. Experience our unique yoga practice with emphasis on movement, breath, and balance. Wicked Power Yoga will heal, detoxify, and energize your body and mind, as you perform a series of strengthening and toning poses. Expect to sweat. A 4 pound body bar can be used to improve your posture and alignment. Our instructors encourage power yoga as a regular practice to increase flexibility, strength, and vitality while nurturing a focused and calm mind.

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