Wicked Fit Restorative Yoga

Class length: 60 minutes

Class description:
Are you ready to slow down inside and out? This class will focus on stretching, relaxation, and stress reduction. Your Wicked Fit Yoga journey begins on your mat with asanas, pranayama and holding postures 3 to 5 minutes. No experience is required to get Wicked Fit in this class. Restorative yoga places your body in healing postures while your mind slows down and watches the breath, resulting in a state of relaxation deeper than sleep.

When the nervous system is out-of-balance, the body’s organs and systems may not operate smoothly causing the surfacing of disorders like insomnia, anxiety and depression. Restorative Yoga is gentle and an excellent exercise for people with injuries and health conditions.

We offer Wicked Fit Yoga & Stress Reduction every Tuesday from 2-3 pm and Wicked Fit Yoga for All Ages every Wednesday at 8:30-9:30 am.

Looking for a more intense yoga class, we also offer Power Yoga and Hot Yoga, see our schedule for times.

Dial 877-751-2992 or sign up online to show your body thanks with Restorative Yoga and breathing. For those looking to increase vitality and gradually heal their body, remember to ask your trainer about Yoli.

Ready to join us for Wicked Fit Yoga?

For more information about any of our classes at Wicked Fitness, please contact us at 877-751-2992 or use the form below.

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