What Makes Us the Leader in Pole Fitness?

Wicked Fitness is the leader in Pole Fitness, and best choice for Pole Dancing Parties in the Myrtle Beach Area and Grand Strand. There are several things that set us apart from other pole fitness studios, not just in the area, but in the nation. The sport of pole fitness has become very “trick” driven, and in turn, pole fitness studios across the country have also followed suit. This can be not only reckless, but lead to disappointment, and even more importantly, injuries. The beauty of Pole is that it is an art form that ANYONE can do, no matter what your physical abilities, limitations, size or shape and is immensely beneficial. It’s an amazing way to lose weight, tone up, gain confidence, and even add a spark to relationships. But first you have to feel comfortable. All too often, one will walk in to a Pole Fitness studio in hope of finding a workout they love, and instantly have their insecurities amplified by the fact they feel they are “the biggest one there”. At Wicked Fitness we don’t have a cookie cutter image. The majority of our clients are there with the goal of losing weight, and therefore the atmosphere is very supportive and non judgmental.
We are here to encourage you and help you meet your goals. You, as our client are important and your journey is unique, whereas some studios it’s easy to blend in as just another class participant. Our levels and our workout are different from others. It’s important to crawl before you can walk, before you can run, before you can fly. The industry has become so trick driven it’s easy to forget that. At Wicked Fitness we teach you pole spins, sits, tricks and dance moves to develop your muscles gradually to be able to move up in advancement safely, and without trying a spin your body may not be ready for (instantly resulting in a feeling of defeat, or worse the possibility of injury). Additionally, the cardio level is much higher in comparison, due to the fact the entire class is spent moving, instead of listening to a trainer talk, and then focus mostly on tricks.
When you come out to Wicked Fitness you instantly get access to your trainer who is there to guide you on your journey, making your experience that much more personal. Our trainer has over 9 years of experience in the pole fitness industry, not to mention 20 years of dance experience, previous gymnastics training, and is a Certified Personal Trainer. She has trained and coached other pole fitness trainers all over the country. Besides just having a wealth of knowledge in fitness and body mechanics, she also makes herself available to help guide you to achieving your goals. Have a question after your regular class? No problem….she answers computer messages and texts promptly.
Our Pole parties are also very involved. Our trainer is there to instruct and lead your party every step of the way. There is never a dull moment at a Wicked Fitness Pole Party! And as a bonus you get the option of learning a choreographed chair routine. Your instructor is also an MC, and photographer all rolled into one. We’d be happy to help you document all the fun you and your group are going to have!
Want to train with the leaders in Pole Fitness? Your journey can begin as easily as booking your first class. What are you waiting for? Come see for yourself how Wicked Fitness stands out above the rest

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