Wicked Fierce Choreography

Have you ever secretly wished to feel, strong, sexy, and confident enough to do a mind blowing dance for someone special? Intimidated by the idea of taking a group chair class, but would love to give the gift of dance with something truly personal? Wicked Fierce Choreography is your ticket. You pick the song, and give as much input into your own personalized routine as you wish. We will choreograph a routine just for you and teach it to you in a private training session.

This class is completely personalized to the specifics you want, from the song choice, to the option of chair work, pole work, or sensual floor work, or all of the above! Let us help you give the gift that you both will never forget!  $65 flat rate for Ashley to create your choreography (which is a steal, because she usually dedicates 5-6 hours into creating your routine) plus $55 per hour for personal sessions to work on routine privately.

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