Wicked Fit Performance Training

At Wicked Fitness, we have developed a program specifically geared to encourage hard work and progressive overload- resulting in a faster, stronger, and more well-rounded athlete. As youth sports continues to become more and more competitive, we want local students to have a competitive edge.
Who is the program designed for?
Seasoned Athletes: Securing Your Spot On A Championship Team
Beginner Athletes: Securing A Starting Position

• Speed & Quickness development
• Increase Cardiovascular Endurance
• Balance & Stability Development
• Flexibility & Mobility Improvement
• Landing Mechanics & Deceleration Techniques
• Improve Athletic Performance & Health
• Strengthen Muscles, Ligaments and Tendons
• Multi-Directional Agility
• Core Strength & Coordination

Call on Demand
– 1 training session is $15
– 12 training sessions $99 (no expiration date)
– Training session are 1 hour in length
– Age groups 6th-8th grade or 9th-12th grade
– One-on-one training sessions are available or book your entire team/group with us

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