Wicked Meditation & Mindfulness

Join us for Wicked weekly guided meditation and mindfulness group. Anna is passionate about changing our thoughts in order to change the way we live. However, so often we find it difficult to slow down and face our challenges on our own. In a supportive and non judgemental group setting, this class is here to help you reduce stress, gain clarity, improve concentration and self awareness, happiness, acceptance, and more to help you feel more at home in your body and in life.
Anna will start with a small introduction of topic and check in each week.

Spend around 10-20 in various guided meditation exercises that will help you transform negative ways of being to more positive ways of thinking and being.

These practices may include guided affirmations, yoga nidra, guided visualization breath work, and more. that will help you find peace both on and off your mat.

Class with end with Q and A, group discussion, sharing, and meaningful conversation.

Wear comfy clothes, bring a journal if you wish, and we will provide the rest.

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