Wicked On The Ball


Muscles used in this workout: • Abdomen • Chest • Back • Arms • Glutes • Hamstrings • Obliques • Calves •Thighs

Class length: 45 Minutes

Class Description:

Looking for an entire body conditioning workout but tired of the same old gym pump class? Then this class is for you! This 45 minute class combines strength training moves and heart pumping cardio all while using a stability ball. Stability balls are more than just fun to sit and bounce on, they are a great way to improve strength, cardio endurance and balance. They are also a great way to get back in to shape after an injury because they can reduce muscle and spinal strain during certain movements. By taking on basic moves such as push ups, squats and planks on an unstable surface, forces muscles to work harder all while improving balance. Come try this fun form of fitness and get on the ball with us!

More Movement + More Muscles Used =
More Calories Burned

Utilizing the ball in your workouts, you will become more aware and be able to identify how your core should feel when you’re engaging it and will soon be able to maintain your balance on the ball. Tailor your workout to your fitness level by adjusting ball location: Closer to your core, the easier the workout, further from core, harder the workout. After a few sessions, you will be able to start tracking your progress by position of the ball. So if you want to add variety to your workouts, increase core strength & challenge yourself, this is the class for you.

Benefits of Wicked On The Ball:

• Improve balance, posture and coordination
• Enhance muscle tone and strength
• Restore or improve flexibility
• Build core strength
• Develop pelvic, shoulder and spine stability

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