Wicked Toned Upper Body, Bellies & Booties Combo


Muscles used in this workout: Back, shoulders, chest, arms, glutes, legs, calves

Class Length: 60 minutes

Class Description:

Half of the class focuses is an upper body intensive class will blast your back, chest, shoulders, and arms, sculpting strong, toned muscles and helping shed away excess fat in places we don’t usually think about. To enhance your physique and create the toned, athletic shape many crave it is essential to strengthen your back, biceps, triceps, and delts. This class is formatted to do just that. A complete upper body workout that will have you wishing every season was tank top season!

Other half: Abs: everyone wants them, but few know how to build them. Often the most coveted of physical attributes, in today’s sedentary society is also often some of our weakest muscles, especially as we age. If you are seeking a chiseled core and toned tush, this class is for you! This 30 minute class focuses solely on strengthening your entire core and lifting and shaping the buttocks.

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