Personal Transformation During Healthy Weight Week: January 18-22 (Part 1)

Personal Transformation During Healthy Weight Week: January 18-22 (Part 1)

Over 20 years ago, Healthy Weight Week was established to help people understand that being healthy is not synonymous to the pounds on a scale. This week is about encouraging people to create a sustainable and realistic healthy lifestyle through:

Feeling Good About Themselves
Living Actively

Mindful Eating is a great start when promoting Healthy Weight Week. To be a Mindful Eater you must practice. Here are 5 tips for you to use to achieve and maintain your desired healthy weight.

  1. Slow Down: Between each bite, put your spoon or fork down and alternate eating with your non-dominant hand.
  2. Take Deep Breaths: Before eating, close your eyes and inhale and exhale. Ask yourself…
    • Are you stressed?
    • Is what you are about to eat affected by your level of stress or level of hunger?
    • Are you eating this food because you are hungry?
  3. Savor Food: Before you chew your food, move it around in your mouth first. Pay attention to the food’s temperature, texture, and tastes. After savoring your food, then chew.
  4. Crazy Hunger: Hunger can affect your mood. For 3 days, eat only when you are hungry and chart your mood level. Then, for 3 days, eat before you are hungry and chart your mood level. Most find that if you wait to eat until you are hungry, your mood is more aggressive. However, if you eat smaller meals/snacks throughout the day, your mood tends to remain at a constant pleasant level.
  5. Be Satisfied Not Full: Eating until you are full is not the route to go. You should eat small meals/snacks until you are satisfied. You will be surprised at the difference in 10 nourishing bites of food instead of 20.

As you try these 5 tips, recognize that you are taking the practical steps to participating in Healthy Weight Week, while at the same time becoming a Mindful Eater. We will post additional blogs to assist you in your journey as you listen and trust how your body responds to food.

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