Wicked Fitness Counseling

Cost: $30
Having trouble getting on track? Are you serious about taking your body to the next level, but not quite sure where to start? We’ve got you covered! Wicked Fitness Counseling will give you expert individualized attention to help you attain your specific goals. Our trainers will hold you accountable at weekly weigh ins, body fat measurements, write a workout program designed specifically with you in mind for you to do throughout the week, and help with nutrition counseling to help you obtain your goals that much faster. Take the Wicked Fitness challenge and let us help get the “YOU” you dream of being!

 When do I start?
Right away! Once you commit a trainer will be in touch with you via email, messenger, and or phone to discuss your goals and the game plan. At that time you will also find a day/time that works best for a brief face to face initial weigh in, and to have your measurements taken.

 What does my $30 include?
Goal assessment, initial measurements, body weight, weekly weigh ins, body fat analysis, current nutrition assessment, goal specific nutrition counseling if necessary, personalized exercise plan (Although this is written with your specific goals in mind, this is ultimately homework for you to do on your own and/or in conjunction with your Wicked classes. Personal Training sessions sold separately), but never fear! Through the week if you find you have a question, are struggling with something, or just needing a quick pep talk, your trainer is willing to have contact with you on a daily basis if necessary. Although we are here to guide your way, and hold your hand, at the end of the day the really hard work is up to you.

 What’s this “Nutrition Plan”?
First things first, what are you currently eating/drinking? You will be asked to make a very honest food journal over the course of at least three days. Then, the rest is specific to your goals. Some clients already have a healthy diet in place. Some are looking to slightly modify, while others are seriously committed and want a total transformation. This part is personalized based on the individual.

 How long is this counseling for?
30 days from initial commitment. Then you will reevaluate and are on to your next phase, new workout, etc. if you wish to continue in the program.

 When do I come for weigh ins?
Once a week, preferably on the same day, and possibly on the same day you regularly come for a Wicked class. This way, it’s convenient and you don’t have to make an extra trip.

 What if I gain weight?
It’s a possibility. The scale is not always the most accurate way to tell if a difference is being made. Often, in the beginning you will be gaining muscle which more than likely make a difference in how your clothes fit, considering you stick to the program, and at the end of the month your measurements will give you all the proof you need that hard work and discipline pay off.

 What is required of me?
At the end of the day, how hard you work at this is up to you. We can guide you, but no one can do the hard work for you. It takes commitment and discipline. We will give you all the tools, and support you need, but real results take real work. But with our help, YOU CAN DO IT!! WE BELIEVE IN YOU!!

 Do you offer personal training as well?
Yes! Our certified personal trainers can not only counsel you and write a workout/nutrition plan, but can train you through your workout. Contact us for further details. We are offering a special, if you buy 4 personal 1 hour training sessions for $160.00, we will give you the $30 counseling for free.