Psychic Medium

Oracle Readings/Intuitive Sessions

Details of readings:
Oracle card readings consist of using several types of card decks for information. The information gathered during these readings give the client a past, present and future spread. This helps bring attention to things a client has overcome, what’s currently happening and what to possibly expect going forward. The longer the session the more decks are used for more information. Oracle are similar to a traditional Tarot card but not entirely the same. An Oracle card is open to a wider range of interpretation.Intuitive Sessions are when I receive information on the client by listening to my spiritual team. As an intuitive psychic medium, my spirit guides and ancestors speak to me through messages that I deliver to my clients. These readings give details about the past, present and future. These types of readings are used in conjunction with Oracle cards to give deeper insight to a client. My spiritual team have a funny way of communicating to me and use a series of visual pictures or symbolic imagery. As a psychic I interpret what they are trying to communicate to a client and assist with any questions or concerns they have.
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30 min $40
60 min $70

How to Meet Your Guardian Angel

Ever wondered if you have a guardian angel? Curious about them or who they might be? What they may look like or why they are assigned to you? Missy did. She began trying to meet her guardian angel 5 years ago. She is offering 60 min one on one sessions where she helps you try to connect to yours along with tips and advice. She will share her story. She has also been blessed to see Angels and could possibly give you details on yours as well. We all have Angels by our side. Call 877-751-2992 to set up your appointment.

60 min $70

Gallery Readings

This type of reading is geared towards a larger group. Minimum of 5 people to a maximum of 40 people. Clients that attend a Gallery reading are not guaranteed a direct reading. A psychic medium will stand in front of the group and will be spiritually drawn to certain guests in attendance. The psychic medium will connect with spirit and relay messages.

This type of reading will last approximately 2 hours.

Price per client attending is $20

Call 877-751-2992 to set up your Gallery Reading.

Psychic One Question Wednesdays

Ever been just a bit curious about a psychic? Ever had a question you wanted an answer to right away but not sure you want to ask? (Does he like you, will you getting promoted, should you move, is he the one…) This is the time to get your answer. Missy will be offering a donation based one question Wednesday every other Wednesday at Wicked Healthy Kitchen. Feel free to stop in (no need to sign up) and get your question answered. *Disclosure: She is not a Doctor so if you have a health concern we suggest seeking out the help of a professional. This is for entertainment purposes only. Also feel free to take what resonates with you and leave the rest behind.
Keep in mind we are NOT always right.

See Event Schedule for dates and times

Private Oracle/Intuitive Readings Party

Missy will come to you, for in home private individual oracle/intituitive readings.  Minimum of 5 people per party.

$50 private party upfront booking charge and $35 per person due day of party.

Call 877-751-2992 to schedule your private party.

Home Inspection

Ever wondered if you had a spirit in your home? Curious as to why things may go missing or lights go on and off? Maybe you are searching for a logical reason for something not logical. Let me take a walk through and see if I can connect for you. Maybe it is nothing, but maybe it is. If I am able to connect I’ll give you all the information I’m told. Give you insight to the unseen. I’ll even try to get them to go to the light, if I can. I’m not a Ghost buster and I can’t do an exorcism or anything. If I do feel negative or dark I’ll let you know but I won’t be able to go in to investigate. That’s out of my area of expertise. I will be able to point you in the right direction should that be the case. Keep in mind that not all psychics are correct and yes that includes me. My promise to you is that I’ll be honest and open to you with any of my findings. And yes it’s okay to walk through with me. I’d prefer it that way.


Call 877-751-2992 to book your in home inspection.

missy medium

Facts about Missy –

My name is Missy and I’m a psychic medium. I, unlike others didn’t recognize my gifts until about 5 years ago after my Mother passed away. I’d always had things happen to me but being a very literal person would rationalize why I’d know certain things. I was also brought up in a very Christian household with my parents being music ministers at our Church. Christianity doesn’t condone my abilities. After my Mom’s passing I became very open to my gifts and began searching to understand them better. I learned that all gifts are from God and we have the choice in how we use them. For good or for bad. I made my choice and started doing readings. The more I opened up to embrace my abilities the more I realized they were needed to help others. I never wanted attention or to be in the spotlight. That being said, I have always wanted to help others and will do what’s necessary to do so. With the help of my Angels, Ancestors and Spirit Guides I’m looking forward to helping you as well.