The Cold Hard Truth: Straight Answers for Common Questions

I’m sure we all can agree the idea of “going on a diet” and “getting in shape” can be like a dark, looming figure in the corner of the room. Something every once in a while we look over at, and quickly look away from until it’s spring and we have to go bathing suit shopping. Nothing like a tiny dressing room with fluorescent light bulbs to put things in to clear perspective.  We won’t even mention how in our New Year’s resolutions, we all vowed to get in shape and have an amazing bikini body by summer, but that was forgotten about by the beginning of February, and now Spring has sprung and time is running out.

But where to start? There’s so much to know….what to eat and not eat, what exercises are best for what you are trying to accomplish, do supplements work? It’s enough to make anyone’s head spin. Never fear! Your friendly Wicked Fitness trainer can help! First, we gotta start with your mind.

You need realistic expectations. News flash, losing weight is incredibly HARD work. How fast or slow you lose really is up to you. You decide to work out, and workout hard 4-5 days a week and partner it with proper nutrition, that you are incredibly disciplined with, you are obviously going to notice changes faster than someone who is only working out at a moderate pace 2-3 days a week, and only being half way strict with nutrition.  Unfortunately, losing weight really goes hand and hand with nutrition. So, unless you are eating for your goals too, the road to results is going to be a slow, frustrating one.  Let’s just be honest…the client who says, I want to lose 25 lbs. in 2 months, but I can only come to 2 classes a week, and I have no intention of changing my eating or drinking habits….. not realistic expectations.

Are you obsessed with how many calories you are getting, or macros, or carbs, or whatever? Let me ask you this…. Has it gotten you the results you want despite the length of time you have been committed to it? Probably not, which is why you are now asking a trainer. If you truly feel the need to count something, count reps of exercises. Wipe out your mind set of what magic number you think you need, because every single body is different.

What about skin? The human body is pretty amazing, and usually the better we are to it, the better it will be to us in return. Let’s say we haven’t always been so kind to it, which has led us to a place we are not the size we want to be. I often get questions about losing weight and having loose skin. The key is to tighten and tone as you go which definitely without a doubt will help. However, let’s use a balloon as an example. You take a balloon and stretch it, and blow it up much larger than its original size.  If you instantly let the air out, it will go back close to its original size, but the latex will be a little loose.

Now, let’s say you blow that balloon up much larger, and the latex is very stretched, and then you leave it that size for a significant period of time. When you deflate the balloon it will be much looser and still stretched out. Skin acts the same way. If you lose a significant amount of weight, your skin has already been stretched out for a period of time, and once it is that stretched out, although some will elasticize, it has no place to go. The same actually goes for muscle. If you visualize a body builder, (for example’s sake an extreme body builder like an Arnold Schwarzenegger type), they build their muscles to a certain size. Well, in turn that muscle mass has no place to go when they stop training, the mass just changes form usually to bulk unless they continually tone. The same with stretch marks, they will lighten and get significantly smaller, but traces of them will always remain no matter how small you get.

Let’s take a second to talk about the scale. I blame society for this. It apparently has become so engrained in our minds that we, at our height should weigh a certain amount.  My next question…Says who? I have women who come seeking counsel regularly that say they want to be 120 lbs. Little does that woman know, her bone structure is not built to be that size. That particular woman might look sickly at 120 lbs., whereas someone of a different build and frame, that may be a healthy weight for. Guess what… your frame, and your build, and your bone structure are not the same as the person next to you. Whoever said the scale was anyone’s friend LIED. Stop focusing on numbers on the scale and focus on what you see in the mirror. Focus on how your clothes fit. You like what you see, Fantastic!!! Keep up the great work! You are uncomfortable in your own skin… then make some changes to meet your goals.

At the end of the day losing weight, toning up, getting healthy… it is a LIFESTYLE. Not to mention a commitment that takes time, work and constant dedication. Results take work. There is no magic supplement, or pill despite all the hogwash the nutrition industry will try and sell you. They are making tons of money off peoples strong desires for a quick, easy fix.  YOU are the owner of your body and mind. So, is it possible? ABSOLUTELY! But it starts with realistic expectations. Set your mind on the right course, and you are already on your way.

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Why Am I Sore After Yoga?

So you just took a yoga class, maybe your first or maybe your fiftieth and you’re scratching your head asking “Why am I so sore after a Yoga class?” After all, yoga has the reputation for being a class to improve your flexibility, so why all the joint pain and/or muscle soreness?

Great question. First of all, congratulations on stepping outside of your comfort zone and trying a yoga class. You’ve discovered a time honored tradition of rhythmic stretches that dates back generations upon generations. These practices were once held in secret, reserved only for men of great wealth and influence. Interesting isn’t it that now in 2016 it has a reputation of being a female dominated choice of workout? Balance. All things, especially energy, looks to return to balance. So no matter where you are at on your yoga journey, welcome to a lifelong exploration of who you are and what being fully present and alive in your own body temple can look and feel like. As the esteemed yogi and writer Pattabhi Jois writes, “do your practice and all is coming.”
One definition of yoga means union, discussing the union of breath and body. When you undertake a yoga practice, you are syncing your breath with your movements. Each pose has both a physical and emotional component. Take note that your body has both a physical and energetic nature. Your physical body is the realm of physical matter such as blood, bones, organs, lymph system, muscles, etc. Your energetic body, however, is the transmission of energy to, through and around your actual physical body. Some may call this your aura, or discuss your chakras (if you’re into the lingo,) or reference your 12 energetic meridians as the acupuncture studies may chart. Consider the word emotion. Emotions are actual Energy in Motion, E-MOTION, ENERGY-in-MOTION. How does that feel when you read it?

Consider a frustrating experience that you may have had recently, a time when you did not feel supported or protected. For illustration, imagine having to pay your bills and not having enough money. This is a first chakra issue, and this particular energy in motion disturbance tends to manifest right in your lower back, causing lower back pain. The energies felt may have been frustrating, defeating, humiliating, exhausting and a plethora of associated energies in motion, your emotions. Without consideration of your energetic body, you may wake up the next day with your lower back singing to you, tight in pain, and you start scratching your head wondering why your lower back hurts? Did I pull it? Did I do something in yoga? Did I sleep funny? Instead, consider that your emotions were not fully processed and your body stored them in your lower back, for a time later when you were ready to fully deal with them.

Now back to yoga. When you are in class, your instructor has prepared a sequence of postures (called asanas) to warm you up, challenge your balance and strength and then stretch out the muscles used in your flow sequence. From power yoga to hatha yoga and even including Buti yoga, the back story is the same; you do your practice and all is coming. Yoga instructors will repeat “breathe,” and “inhale” and “exhale” multiple times during most classes.

They are holding space for you to go within your body find the balance, to match your breath with your movement and to create a very relaxing space where your body can open up and allow your energies in motion to ground and release. Yes, release. This is one of the many secrets of yoga. You can clear out old, stuck, unwanted energies in motion through your yoga sequences and not have to relive those old memories. The incident of not having enough money to pay your bills may come to mind during your yoga class, likely when you are in a first chakra grounding position such as malasana (squat pose) or Vrksasana (tree pose) when you are finding strength through grounding in these Earthy solid poses. Adding affirmations, even if just in your mind, can expedite the emotional work.

Affirmations for the first chakra could include, “I am lovable and capable, I am enough, I am protected, I am safe, I am well provided for, All my bills are paid and I still have all this money.” Thoughts become things and you can create your own reality by choosing the thoughts you think and the words you speak. The beauty is that if your life isn’t created the way you would like it to be, through visualization and spoken affirmations you can re-create it to be just as wonderful as you can envision it to be. You are that powerful.

So what to do about that sore back? Whenever a pain or discomfort arises, consider both your physical and your energetic body. What emotions are you feeling? Where does it hurt? Louise Hayes outlines in a nice chart different dis-eases and discomforts in her classic book “You Can Heal Your Life,” if you would like full chart reference, this book is highly recommended. On the energetic plane, does your throat hurt? What is it that you do not want to say? Sinus infection? Who are you close to that has angered you? Migraine? What has you feeling that you are not good enough, what perfection are you struggling with? Once you’ve considered the emotional culprits, and have written out some positive affirmations to change that energy in motion to a positive flow, now it’s time to look at your physical body.

Are your hamstrings sore? Perhaps a sore shoulder or sore wrists? What is your physical body trying to tell you? Again, consider looking up the emotional component, but then consider your physical form. What exercises are you doing? If you’re not exercising at all, it should not be a surprise that soreness is your reality. You are a living breathing human being, not a human resting, so you must be all you can be to feel as good as you can feel. Choose exercises that challenge you. If the exercise practice doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you. So after a good yoga class or exercise practice expect soreness.

General soreness is a nice indicator that you put in some work, and your body is changing. Excruciating pain, however, is a red flag that you need to change your approach. Perhaps, in the case of yoga, it is an issue of form. Sore wrists and sore shoulders can be remedied with hand placement on the mat and some instructions on how to balance your weight evenly into both shoulders for inverted postures, such as downward dog. What about a sore lower back after yoga? This sounds like a form issue to, posture especially, which can be remedied by holding a tight Mula Bahnda. Mula Bahnda is your root lock, which is summed up as holding your abdominal wall in tightly with a tucked pelvis and a nice squeeze through your pelvic floor while performing almost every asana. The pelvic tuck protects your lower back, and engages your muscles properly for utmost alignment.

What if you are just sore head to toe after a vigorous class? Good question. First of all, consider the physical body and the emotional body. Did you overdo it? Did you push too hard? Did you try to get into a pose that was far out of your realm (such as headstand) and now have both a migraine and a sore neck and shoulders because you wanted to nail a pose too soon? For every yoga class there are modifications. Take the modifications and use the props provided to work your way up, to and through postures. If the instructor is flying through a vigorous sequence and your body is telling you that it’s tired, take child’s pose. Take the rest posture and watch what is being offered, and join back in when you are ready. See what is available in your class, knowing that you do not have to do each pose. Challenge yourself only to your level, and only you know what you level is for that day. Pick classes that you cannot finish, knowing that you are set up for growth just by being there and taking it all in at your level. Pick other classes where you can fine tune your form, perhaps going slower or faster than your normal preferred rhythm, and get the poses into your muscle memory. Please do not beat yourself up mentally when you cannot complete a pose or class. You are here for practice. You will improve. You are getting stronger. “Do your practice and all is coming.” At Wicked Fitness especially, you are safe in a judgement free zone, and that means talking nicely to yourself too in your mind. You are lovable and capable. You are deserving. You are enough.

Remember above all else, that your body is both physical and energetic, and what you feed it will create the body that you have to operate within. When you are doing energetic work, like exercises and yoga, please feed your body lovingly. Choose foods that grew in the sun, such as fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Choose foods that have one word ingredients, such as: apple, banana, kale, spinach, rice, potato, orange. Your energetic body is fed by live foods. Processed baked goods with dairy whipped sugar beverages surrounding a yoga experience is a great way to promise yourself soreness. As a matter of fact, fast food, sugar, corn syrup and negative thoughts all wrapped together is a guarantee for sore muscles. Keep it up, and you can invite depression, desperation and sickness into your reality.

Dear loved one, please drink water. Water cannot be overstated. Your body is made up of water more than any other element, and drinking plenty of clean water is the road to flushing out toxins and wastes. You may see yogis walking around town or in television shows carrying either coconut water or a green drink; why do they do that? Coconut water is an excellent hydrating beverage, delivering more electrolytes than any red drink could ever imagine. Your body can rehydrate effectively and quickly with coconut water. Did you know that back in World War 2, when blood products were unavailable for wounded soldiers that coconut water can and was used intravenously instead? It’s molecular make up is so close to that of human blood plasma that it is a viable substitution. So indeed, drinking coconut water can get you feeling perky with a quickness, especially great for when it is hot and you are sweating. Thank the wise Universe for putting coconut trees readily available in very hot areas. What about the green drinks? Green drinks are a fun, easy and tasty way to consume some good alkaline type foods, such as your kales and wheatgrasses. Fresh pressed juice, from a specialty store or juice bar delivers wild wide open energy in an easy to digest form, sippable through your straw. All the goodness of sun grown vegetables in your 16oz easy to carry cup, it’s a little miracle, actually. Being alive in 2016 means that you can actually buy some green drinks of fresh pressed juice, (no, we are not talking Shamrock Shakes) from big stores such as Kroger’s or Whole Foods. The local Kroger’s in Garden City now stocks a brand called “Suja Uber Greens” that can be found in the cooler of the produce section. A 46oz bottle costed $9.99 and is delicious on an empty stomach first thing in the morning, (perhaps before your Tuesday 6AM Vinyasa class) or later in the day between meals as a ‘pick me up.’ This brand is loaded with cucumber, celery, grapefruit¸ lemon, kale, green chard and more, all in one convenient bottle. Of course, in a perfect world you would have a gorgeous juicer and a gorgeous live in cook that would juice the fresh juice for you each morning. Perhaps work on your affirmations to create a reality like that.

Finally, consider the power of Epsom salts. Your body needs magnesium. You likely do not get enough in your food, based on current farming practices and depleted soils. Supplements taken orally won’t cut it, they are not properly absorbed. The best absorbtion for magnesium is through your skin. There are topical magnesium creams if you are interested but a relaxing way is to add a cup or more of Epsom salt (magnesium salts) to your bath at night. (Be mindful to get plain Epsom salts, as some brands have added in artificial fragrances that can cause headaches and skin irritations. They may read ‘therapeutic’ but know that the synthetic fragrances do not have healing or therapeutic properties. Yucky.) Allow your skin to absorb the healing properties of the magnesium salts. Do you know what the sign and symptom of magnesium deficiency is? Sore muscles. Yes, sore muscles. Do you know that when you’re engaged in energy moving practices such as yoga, you burn up your magnesium? Yes, you do. So treat yourself to a loving bath, maybe add your affirmations and a nice cold glass of coconut water and enjoy the fact that you had a wonderfully challenging yoga practice, you are growing, you are becoming stronger, you are releasing old emotions and old thought patters, and you can sleep sound knowing that each day you are better than the day before. Treat yourself right. You are worth it. You are enough. Your body is your greatest teacher. What is it telling you today?

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Halloween Treats: How to Slow Down & Be Mindful

Halloween is right around the corner and most of our clients ( including me ) are already beginning to worry about how they will manage so much Halloween candy next week. The stash of candy sitting around the house, at work, or the treats at holiday parties can lead most of us to automatic patterns of just grabbing, devouring, and not paying attention to the process of eating. Instead of feeling numb or overwhelmed, we can shift our attitude from judgment to honesty. Fear to self trust. The best way to do this is by slowing down and being present.

Here are a have a few of my favorite tips that will help you slow down, beat overwhelm, and give you the confidence to choose wisely and enjoy Halloween.

1. CONTEMPLATE. Take plenty of time to scope the party room or candy basket. Notice what you really want. DO NOT DENY what you are craving. Start by becoming aware of what you want. Examine all of your options before picking one. Once you pick it enjoyyyy baby!

2. HOW SLOW CAN YOU GO? Chew slowly. Notice yourself chewing the food and truly tasting the party in your mouth. Notice how your jaw moves as you chew. Connect to the present by tuning into your physical sensations : sight, sound, taste, touch, and smell.

2. WAIT ON MORE. Fully enjoy one piece of candy from start to finish before you move onto the next bite or decide if you want another piece. Put a timer on. Place a gap between urge and reaction. This gives you time to check in and ask “How do I feel?”

3. HUNGER SCALE. Check in before and after you eat. On a scale of 1-10
(1 – being starving, irritable, extremely hungry)
(10 – feeling you need to unbutton your pants, very full, uncomfortable)
Just checking in will help you slow down. The mindful eater may say something like, “I just ate a meal and had a cupcake. On the hunger / fullness scale I am at about a 6.5. I am comfortably full. I know if I eat another cupcake it will put me over the edge. I know this craving will pass. Let me wait 20 minutes and if I feel hungry, I am more than happy to have another or at least take one home to enjoy later.”

4. SIT DOWN and stop multitasking. Before you eat, take a seat!!! This will help you reduce distraction, meaning less chances of you over eating.

5. EAT KINDLY. Plan on eating with the intention of being in full view of others. Notice if you have the urge to eat in a private setting. Ask what is triggering you emotionally to eat in private?

Other Tips:
– Be KIND and compassionate to yourself.
– Make sure you don’t skip out on meals. Aim for at least 3 well balanced meals. When we are hungry, we make poor choices that can increase your chances to binge on candy and sugar later. Choose foods that light up your world…think plant-based rainbows (veggies and fruits) on your plate at each meal and you will naturally want less later.

– Make a list about all the things you love about Halloween that doesn’t include food. Fill yourself up with fun rather than food. I personally love painting pumpkins, making crafts, and planning my costume. If you are headed to a party, bring a game like Cards Against Humanity or Jenga. If you are spending time with family, maybe plan on watching a movie together after trick or treating. Plan your evening around having fun and socializing. Filling up with laughs and good company will help you forget about any urge to eat.

– Set yourself up to succeed. Create a special vibe and treat Halloween as a special day by enjoying candy for a day or two, then throwing the rest away.

– Candy buy backs. Check out http://www.operationgratitude.com/. Or contact your local pediatric dental office. Some will do candy buy backs for a good cause.

Remember Halloween is one day, so remember to be kind and compassionate to yourself. When in doubt, just slow things down.

What are your personal challenges that you face during this time of year? We are here to support you at Wicked Fitness.

Anna is a Certified Health Coach and Yoga instructor. She weaves both worlds into one, to help others live more balanced, positive and healthful lives. Make an appointment today to find out more.

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The Beauty of a Woman

A few years ago I met a man who was up from Charleston to do some business. After talking for quite some time we realized he knew a former client of mine. Such a small world it is. What I found most fascinating is how he described her. When they met she was this brave, strong woman, full of exuberance, and self-confidence, as she was dancing in a club with such passion, as if no one was watching her. He said she was a “wild one”.
I literally laughed out loud. What a great, independent woman she was. However, that was not the same woman who had originally come to me. When we first met, that “wild” woman was hiding. The woman who originally came to me couldn’t bear to even look at herself in the mirror and see her own insecurities, and was so self-conscious in how her body moved when trying to dance, she looked more appropriately suited to be dancing in church than in a night club. Throughout the several years I had her as a client, her “change” always reminded me of a butterfly spreading its wings and being set free.
For years I have seen it over and over. It’s more common than not. Women are hiding. We have been taught that we cannot be too sexy, (people will talk about us, “she must be a Ho”), cannot be too confident (then we are stuck up or conceited), cannot be beautiful (for then we must not be humble), cannot be strong (or else we are manly), cannot be independent (“she must not want a man”), cannot be opinionated (“she’s a bitch”), and the list goes on of all the things women shouldn’t be. So, we have been hiding. We hide under our clothes to hide our bodies, we learn to talk a certain way as to not offend, we look quickly to always be in a relationship, often because we are not truly comfortable with just ourselves.
Women care so much about what other people think. We care what our husbands will think, what our bosses will think, what our families will think, and what our friends will think….. but what about what WE think and feel?! Society has pushed us to be inside this tiny box. We feel the need to compete from the time we are little girls against one another instead of boosting each other up. Why? A strong, sexy, fierce, beautiful, independent, opinionated, EMPOWERED woman is the most feared thing on the planet.
At Wicked Fitness we strive to change society one woman at a time. Women are beautiful, sexy, fierce, strong, funny, quirky, silly, but most of them are lost. They’ve forgotten how to be these things and be ok with it. We give you permission!! You will actually really love that you you have been stifling. We have created a safe place where all women can be accepted and loved for exactly as they are. No boxes required. Actually, we quite prefer you out of your box. Can you handle it? Feeling sexier in your own skin? Remembering the beautiful being you truly are? Having self-confidence and opinions, and not being afraid to actually have conversations and voice them? Find your voice. Find your butterfly and set her free. Stand in your power.

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Quick Workouts For The Modern Day Woman

Regardless if you are single, married, have kids or not, working full time, or are a stay at home mom, it seems like our lives as women in modern society never stop.  For some of us a trip to the gym might be a little less of a sacrifice than others but a sacrifice none the less.  Ideally we would all like to make it to the gym and go to our favorite fitness class 4-5 times a week but in reality that can’t always happen.  Therefore, we have composed a few quick at home workouts for you to do on those days where you just can’t make that trip to the gym.

The Glutes & Legs Lift & Burn

Goal: Three rounds with only a 30 second break in between rounds.

30 -Side Lunges, 20-Weighted Walking Lunges (make sure the weight you chose is challenging but you can still complete all of the reps), 50- Air Squats (25 regular stance & 25 wide stance), 30- Jump Squats, 20- Glute Kickbacks.

The Cardio Killer

Goal: Four rounds with only a 30 second break in between rounds.

50 -Jumping Jacks, 15-Burpees, 30- High Knees, 30- Mountain Climbers, 20- Jump Squats.

The Upper Body Burn

Goal: Four rounds with a 60 second break in between rounds.

10-Push Ups, 30-Bent Over Rows, 20-Tricep Extensions, 10- Front Lateral Extensions,  10- Side Lateral Extensions, 15- Hammer Curls.  (Remember to challenge yourself on the weights you choose and you can decrease them as needed)

The Abs & Core

Goal: Three rounds with only a 30 second break in between rounds.

30 Seconds -Flutter Kicks, 60 Seconds – Bicycle, 60 Seconds- Plank, 60 Seconds- Side Planks (30 per side), 30 Seconds -Jack Knife, 30 Seconds – Russian Twist.

Once you get acclimated to these workouts you can always incorporate additional exercises and switch them up.  Also, if you are up to the challenge, try to combine two or more of the workouts listed for an intense calorie burn.  Don’t forget to modify if you have to and be sure to warm up and cool down properly.  Lastly, just remember to stay motivated and even if you can‘t get to the gym an at home workout is better than not doing a workout at all!

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Football Season. In my opinion, more exciting than winter, summer, spring, or fall. My personal favorite season of the year. Myself, like so many others, live for weekends from August through January. Whether it’s college teams you are rooting for or the NFL, they all have one thing in common… FOOD. Football food, oh how we love it, and how it will quickly sabotage any recently laid clean eating plans. Here are just a few ways to fight the battle of the bulge with gridiron grit this season.

You throw the party! Whether tailgating or watching the game with a few friends at your house, if it’s your event, you get to plan the food. Have water bottles in a cooler, or even make fruit and spices infused water in a lemonade jar. Tell your friends it’s a BYOB event if they are set on beer with the game. Guess what? These days there are tons of clean eating, football food “cheats” recipes available online. Try buffalo “chicken” cauliflower bites, or turkey meatballs, or even veggie slices instead of chips and dip.

Make it a workout. Those players are working hard out on that field, (most weeks anyway). So, why don’t you challenge yourself also? Every time the opposing team scores, or your own team scores (your choice), do 20 pushups. They aren’t as hard when you are doing them in sets with rests in between. Why not try doing sit ups the entire commercial break, every commercial break, your abs will thank you. How about standing up from your couch and sitting back down 20 times each commercial break? Even doing a fast lap around the block every time the other team scores? The possibilities to get in a workout while you watch the game are endless!

Don’t mindlessly snack. How often are you getting so wrapped up in the game that before you know it, that entire bag of chips and dip sitting in front of you is gone? It’s very easy to not be monitoring portion control when we have food in front of us and we are distracted. So, if this is you, first, change up your snack. The healthier the better, like fresh vegetables or apple slices. Then, if you can also only put out a regular sized portion, so you know when it’s gone, snacking is over for a while. Also, eating an actual healthy meal before the game will stave off hunger and the desire to just eat and eat.

Water Challenge! You have a block of time set aside for the game. So, you are saying, it’s not like a regular day, when drinking your water can run behind schedule because of that work meeting, or kids sports practice, and so on. How much water can you possibly drink during the game? Challenge yourself. You are already close to a restroom and commercial breaks are often. It will hydrate you, and keep you feeling full longer so you don’t mindlessly snack. Remember, water is KEY for flushing fat!

So, there you have it! Just because football season is here doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice all your hard work in the gym. Keep to your goals. Remember, what you eat and do today will affect your whole fitness game plan. Champions are not made over night, nor is a healthy fit body. It takes work, and constant dedication. If you need a pre-game pep talk, we, at Wicked Fitness have got you!  Go TEAM!

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Bitch Please, Every Excuse in the Book

So before you go getting your panties all in a bunch, and get on some feminist high horse, let it be known that I have nothing but the utmost love, adoration, and respect for women as a sex. And just as my own personal disclaimer I use the word “Bitch” with nothing but love and humor, not in derogatory sense. If you are indeed offended, even in the use of the word in humorous context by a sister trying to get you to wake up, using the word “Bitch”, please stop reading now.

So let’s get real and hold ourselves accountable for the real reasons you are not losing weight and getting results you want. As a trainer I hear excuses all day, all night, and even on weekends. It’s like as children we were taught to make an excuse for everything, or if something isn’t going our way, or the way we had envisioned, suddenly there must be an excuse as to why. So here we go with just a few.

I work out at least three days a week, but I’m still not losing any weight.

Bitch please! Just because you walk into a gym three days a week, and walk on a treadmill, and walk around looking at weight machines for 30-45 min before you really feel as though you’ve “gotten it in” and leave does not mean you have adequately worked out. Especially if you are trying to see real results and fit into those jeans from 5 years ago that you just can’t seem to bring yourself to take to the Goodwill because they “are going to fit again”. In reality, they are only going to fit again in this lifetime if you make some serious changes and put in some serious work.

Maybe I have a thyroid problem.

Bitch please! Or maybe, you have an “I really like to eat pizza, macaroni and cheese, or Tacos on Tuesdays” problem. When you walk in to that gym, have you ever taken a minute to look around you at the ripped people who inhabit such facilities? News flash…they are in there truly GETTING IT five plus days a week, rain or shine, whether they feel like it or not, and yes, even on weekends and holidays, and they have a very regimented diet to match.

I don’t have time to work out.

Bitch please! You mean you don’t really have a super desire so you make an excuse as to the kids having sports, you having to cook dinner for the family, extra work at the office, etc., etc., yadda, yadda, yadda. Yes, these things are all a part of daily life, and as an incredibly busy single mother myself, my day is seemingly never done. But with a little pre planning, it is possible. Make dinners for the whole week, so all you have to do is stick it in the oven. Or, hey, here’s a thought, maybe that two hours you spend watching t.v. with your husband before you fall asleep, some of that time could be spent working out. Or, hey, here’s a thought, why don’t you try getting up and hour earlier, so you can do it and get it out of the way for the day? (Shrieking… I know… anything but that)

I walk every night.

Ok, not trying to get down on the fact that you truly are making time to do something, but news flash, walking is only really adequate exercise for pregnant women and those with disabilities or recovering from surgery. In order to truly be doing enough to see results, you need your heart rate elevated for a MINIMUM of 15 minutes at a time. So, are you walking up a mountain? Are you doing walking and running intervals until sweat is pouring from your face and you feel like your lungs may give out? By walking do you mean through water for resistance, or with 20 lb ankle weights? No? Ok, than chances are good, you’re walking around the block a few times, although better than nothing, and good for digestion, is not doing enough to see results to get back into those jeans.

I eat really healthy.

Bitch please! Let’s define your version of the word healthy. I bet you didn’t know when you don’t eat all day at the office, and then chow down on dinner, your metabolism has been at a standstill all day and then is suddenly overloaded with food it then can’t burn off. Or those carrot sticks and celery you had for lunch, yes, I give you props you are trying, but you just cancelled them out with the amount of Ranch dressing you drown them in to get them down. That salad you had at the restaurant with your coworkers… same thing…bacon bits, cheese, and croutons drowned in dressing cancels out the good you are trying to do. Let’s not forget, that Gatorade you just pounded at the end of your “workout”… yeah, the amount of sugar in it just sabotaged what you just did. (Unless you are vomiting profusely, you don’t usually need to replace electrolytes. Water is your best choice).

I have this medical condition, X, Y, and or Z.

Bitch please! You may indeed have a medical condition, but chances are likely exercise is some way, shape or form will make your condition better, your pain less, and give you more energy. You just have to find what works well for YOU without aggravating your condition. There is this beautiful practice called Yoga that is noninvasive, simple stretching, while strengthening your muscles and working on balance. Swimming is fantastic for those with injuries, and preexisting conditions. Even conditions causing debilitating pain can sometimes be over come through exercise. So, the next time you see an athletic amputee, you might want to take a second to reflect on how they never let anything slow them down. Sometimes it’s just as much mental as it is physical.

I really don’t eat much, but I’m still gaining weight.

Bitch please! News flash, you could be under eating causing your body’s metabolism to slow to a hault and hold on to every single calorie and ounce of fat and nutrition it can eek out of the small amount of food you are eating. In order to keep your body burning you have to be feeding it constantly, and no, that doesn’t mean whatever you want. So much food we grab on the go is full of empty calories. And FYI, maybe you didn’t eat throughout the day, but between that grande latte for breakfast, that smoothie for lunch, that coke on your break,  and that beer at happy hour, you consumed enough sugar and calories just in what you drank to last you a week.


These are just a few of the many, many excuses I hear constantly surely along with almost every trainer, at every gym, every where. We have come to terms with the fact the we will always hear excuses because honestly, it’s easier than the latter of actually holding yourself accountable for your actions, your weight, and your lifestyle. Just keep in mind, those around you who really are getting results, changing their bodies, and their mindset, are working hard to do so. Nothing in life that is truly rewarding came easily or without sacrifice. At Wicked Fitness we understand how trying just life in general can be. So, when you are done making excuses we will be right there with open arms to help you on your fitness journey, and with the tools for your success. It’s always easier with a coach in your corner, and Bitch please, you know we’d love to help you reach your goals!

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Fact or Fiction Is Sugar Addiction a Real Thing?

Is your lingering sweet tooth a threat to your health regiment?  We are here to tell you that you are not alone.  According to Dr. Mark Hyman, a family physician and NY Time’s #1 Best Selling author, there is truth and fact behind your cravings.  Dr. Hyman claims that sugar is eight times as addictive as cocaine and when you eat sugar your brain recognizes this as a reward.  Thus, the more you eat, the more your brain reinforces the habit.  As time goes on you will need more and more sugar to satisfy your cravings which leave you in an endless cycle of cravings and overeating which can essentially lead to a plethora of other health problems.

Even though the situation seems grim, there is a way to get your body back on track and on the right path to a happy healthy life.  Finding the right path can be achieved by anyone who is willing to make a lifestyle change by adjusting their eating habits and retraining your body to love only real whole healthy foods.  Although it can sound intimidating, you will need to detox your body for a fresh start.  There are various ways to detox so do the research and find the right approach that you feel will work best for you.

Once you have completed your detox, the most important thing is to remember that you are not on a diet.  Rather, you are maintaining a healthy lifestyle that includes eating healthy whole natural foods while exercising on a regular basis.  A few dietary tips that are extremely helpful when new to the health food scene are as follows: Try and eat some protein with every meal, especially breakfast.  This will help curb your cravings and balance your blood sugar.  Don’t consume your calories from sugary drinks.  Water with a squeeze of your favorite fresh fruit is a great alternative.  Eat lots of carbs, but the right kind!  There are many fruits and especially non-starchy veggies that can fuel your body with energy while keeping your calorie count way down.  Fats are not your enemy, at least not the healthy kind.  You should consume a small amount of fat with every meal as well.  Examples of healthy fats are derived from extra virgin olive oil, foods containing omega 3’s, avocados, nuts and more.  Lastly, give yourself at least 30 days to adjust to your new lifestyle and you will be pleasantly surprised at how much better you feel and how much your cravings have subsided.

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Get Pumped and Get Fit

Making fitness a priority in your life is a game changer. We all recall the first few weeks of making our fitness resolution, you were 100% committed. Months went by and you were looking slimmer, feeling amazing, not to mention more fitter than you have ever been. And then you plateaued. What the heck happened? You were still exercising and eating healthy. Good news is, you can bounce back. Let us help you reset.

Challenge yourself to get the best toning results. When it comes to weight loss, studies have shown that the intensity of a workout effects weight loss more than the workout duration. Remember that your body adapts quickly to the same routine, so mix up different forms of weight training with cardio and high-intensity interval training. Keep in mind this one caveat, not every lifting session should be to your maximum potential.

Know your calorie burn…Are you over eating it? You might be. Oddly enough, the calorie count from even the fanciest watches is often overestimated. So if your goal is to lose weight, keep yourself at a calorie deficit. By eating healthy or cleaner, being conscience that liquid calories count, and pre-portioning your food, you most likely will not overeating your daily allowed calorie count. Remember this: People on the go often consume more calories, so take time and sit down as you eat your meals and snacks.

Mix It Up. If a typical workout for you includes running, cycling, or Zumba, know your body is getting very good at this type of cardio. That’s why you must mix up your workout. Add strength training and muscle toning into your workout. Even consider yoga to improve flexibility.

Less Stress & More Sleep. You already know the importance of healthy eating and exercise, but have you ever considered the importance of stress and sleep? Finding a manageable balance of both is essential because it can influence your exercise negatively. After a tough workout, sleep is essential for muscles to heal. And stress…well that’s even worst on your body, it wreaks havoc on your hormones and can also train your body to retain fat.

So get on track and stay focus. If you add at least two of our suggestions to your daily life, you are sure to see a difference in your weight loss, mental health, and physical endurance. Reset Accomplished!

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Kale The Other Protein

fresh oranges with tape, healthy diet

Defying the aging process may be impossible but according to studies you may be able to slow it down by simply eating the right foods. Scientists believe that consistently eating fresh foods that are rich in antioxidants will not only delay the aging process but will also provide you with countless health benefits. Antioxidants help remove free radicals from the body that can be very harmful and facilitate disease.    Kale, Vitamin A, Vitamin K, Vitamin C, Cancer, Protein, diet, nutrition, fruits, vegetables, antioxidants, fresh foods, antioxidants, fitness, health, exercise

Many fresh foods including a variety of fruits and vegetables can provide you with antioxidants. At the very top of our list is Kale, and it’s one of the healthiest and most nutritious greens. Although kale wasn’t always so popular, more recently it has become a staple in a healthy diet regiment for many.

Kale is high in protein and extremely high in vitamins such as Vitamin A, Vitamin K, Vitamin C and Manganese. Also, the little fat that it does contain Omega-3 fatty acid, which is the kind you want to consume. Kale is an excellent source of Vitamin C containing even more than a whole orange. It can also aid in lowering cholesterol, which can help reduce the risk of heart disease. According to studies, kale has also been associated with containing compounds that have protective effects against fighting cancer. Although many dietary fads come and go, kale should become a permanent part of your health regiment.

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