Meridian Enlightenment “ME” Energy Healing Level I Certification

We are super excited to partner with Tearhsa Wilder from The Souls Harmony to offer our first Level 1 Certification. Meridian Enlightenment “ME” Energy Healing. $125 for a 4 hour session. Limited to the first 6 to sign up. Each participant will receive a take home book, informational sheet and certificate of completion. You will complete classroom work and hands on training. $125

Want to clear your meridians and learn to release & heal yourself?
Want to connect with your personal light worker? Are you ready for a joyful, fulfilling, heart centered new you? Meridian Enlightenment “ME” Energy can assist you with transformation!

In this 4 hour class you will receive the energetic attunement, clearing your meridian line, learn the history, purpose and goal of the “ME” Energy Healing modality and train on how to continue using the “ME” Energy in your personal self-healing practice.

More about Tearhsa:

My name is Tearhsa Wilder. I began as a child with the ability to see and hear spirit. I didn’t quite understand and fear kept me from allowing the gift to unfold naturally and positively. In 2008 I had experienced some personal tragedies that lead me to the decision to take back my life. I began teaching myself how to sit quietly and connect with God to allow Him to heal me.

I was broken mentally, physically and spiritually. As I relaxed into the guidance I was receiving, I began to release and clear from the inside out. After practicing this new energy healing and observing the process, I decided to learn about how it worked and where it came from.

I also completed a Reiki Master certification in 2010.These last years of healing have opened up my gifts of channeling and allowed me to grow, learn and identify the energy that has been sent to me. Thus, Meridian Enlightenment Energy was born.

I have been guided now to share this Angelic healing to assist others with soul growth and connection. Now, even as I continue to heal, I have been guided to begin the “Movement of Enlightenment” to do my part in changing the world, one drop of light at a time.

You can visit her website here:

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Blacklight Buti Glow w/Lauren

What is BUTI GLOW?

It’s Buti with EXTRA energy! Doing Buti Yoga in the Blacklight gives you that awesome club vibe that just pumps you up! Because we are mostly in the dark but glowing, you really feel free to let loose and have a ridiculously good time!

We will precede class with painting our bodies with blacklight reactive body paint! It. Is. AWESOME.

Buti Yoga is a fusion of cardio-intense tribal dance, creative asana, and dynamic movement. Buti helps you melt into movement and tune into your body, while the beats of the music drives the momentum and movements in class. Release your inhibitions during Buti Glow! Everything you need is provided for painting, just wear white or neon clothes so you can glow too! Bring your yoga mat, water and a towel.

Consider it a uniquely wicked yoga party experience with all your friends!! Come and glow with us!

We provide the glow sticks, glow body paint & the pumping beats .

Just $10.

All Levels welcome
Arrive at 7:00pm for body paint (or you can come already painted)
Class 7:30 – 8: 30 pm

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The Walking Dead Yoga Zombie Event w/Ripley’s Haunted Adventure

Are you an uber fan of The Walking Dead ? Counting down the days until the Oct 7th premiere? Us too! In an effort to celebrate the return of the show, we are putting on a special event Fri, Oct 5th. $20

Just imagine, Zombies have taken over Myrtle Beach & Wicked has become the only “safe haven” in town. Rick and Maggie have asked that the local group of “yogi” survivors meet up at our location to formulate their next move and learn techniques to defend against walkers with the likes of Warrior and Lord of the Fishes poses.

We have met with the CDC who has confirmed no cure, but don’t worry, you will be safe inside. (or will you?) Wicked has made sure that the sinister Negan doesn’t know our whereabouts, but be prepared to take on power asanas that could take down Lucille to an apocalyptic playlist.

If you dare, come as your favorite character, a walker or just enjoy the fun as a scared, new survivor trying to figure out how to stay alive in this new world overcome by The Walking Dead.

Who will win against the Saviors? If all else fails, with our Strongest Michonne-like Warrior 2 pose maybe they will be tricked into leaving while we are in savasana; corpse pose.

“DEAD” characters will be on hand from Ripley’s Haunted Adventure of Myrtle Beach and will be patrolling our parking lot as you arrive. Some may even get inside but we will do our best to keep them out.

Note: ABC 15 plans on broadcasting LIVE from our event that night.

Costumes are encouraged but not required…it’s right around Halloween time, so you should be able to find some great torn up stuff from local thrift store or costume store. VERY LIMITED space for this event. First 20 to book get a spot. No Yoga experience required…all levels welcome…Ages 16 and up.

Sorry, no refunds if you book and can no longer make it but you can transfer your spot to someone else.

If you love the picture used for event, credit goes to

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Storybook Yoga Ages 5 & Under

Storybook Yoga
Ages 5 & under (all ages under 5 welcome)

Inspired by our mini yogis, a fun flow of breath and movement. We will be stretching our bodies and our imaginations as we bring story books to life! 45 mins yoga/story time, 15 mins of social time.

Ages 3 and under, an adult must stay the entire time. 4 & up, adults are invited to stay and play, or relax next-door at Wicked Healthy Kitchen.

$10 per child   Advance registration and payment required.  We will only hold event if we have participants signed up.

Save time by filling out your child’s one time waiver online here:

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Be a Tree Workshop Pre-Teen/Teen

Ages 11-15 yrs old…

Because..our youth need roots…and what we do in the present moment builds our future!

We believe in sharing mindfulness, guided relaxation and yoga with our preteen/teen generation.

Kids will spend 45 mins on yoga and guided relaxation with this workshop focusing on Being a TREE…Each month we will have themed workshops. Tree have roots, they are grounded…standing on one leg will help kids with balance and give them a strong center all in a fun and innovative environment.

Advance registration and payment required. Workshop will only be held if we have enough participants signed up in advance. $10 per child

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The Cold Hard Truth: Straight Answers for Common Questions

I’m sure we all can agree the idea of “going on a diet” and “getting in shape” can be like a dark, looming figure in the corner of the room. Something every once in a while we look over at, and quickly look away from until it’s spring and we have to go bathing suit shopping. Nothing like a tiny dressing room with fluorescent light bulbs to put things in to clear perspective.  We won’t even mention how in our New Year’s resolutions, we all vowed to get in shape and have an amazing bikini body by summer, but that was forgotten about by the beginning of February, and now Spring has sprung and time is running out.

But where to start? There’s so much to know….what to eat and not eat, what exercises are best for what you are trying to accomplish, do supplements work? It’s enough to make anyone’s head spin. Never fear! Your friendly Wicked Fitness trainer can help! First, we gotta start with your mind.

You need realistic expectations. News flash, losing weight is incredibly HARD work. How fast or slow you lose really is up to you. You decide to work out, and workout hard 4-5 days a week and partner it with proper nutrition, that you are incredibly disciplined with, you are obviously going to notice changes faster than someone who is only working out at a moderate pace 2-3 days a week, and only being half way strict with nutrition.  Unfortunately, losing weight really goes hand and hand with nutrition. So, unless you are eating for your goals too, the road to results is going to be a slow, frustrating one.  Let’s just be honest…the client who says, I want to lose 25 lbs. in 2 months, but I can only come to 2 classes a week, and I have no intention of changing my eating or drinking habits….. not realistic expectations.

Are you obsessed with how many calories you are getting, or macros, or carbs, or whatever? Let me ask you this…. Has it gotten you the results you want despite the length of time you have been committed to it? Probably not, which is why you are now asking a trainer. If you truly feel the need to count something, count reps of exercises. Wipe out your mind set of what magic number you think you need, because every single body is different.

What about skin? The human body is pretty amazing, and usually the better we are to it, the better it will be to us in return. Let’s say we haven’t always been so kind to it, which has led us to a place we are not the size we want to be. I often get questions about losing weight and having loose skin. The key is to tighten and tone as you go which definitely without a doubt will help. However, let’s use a balloon as an example. You take a balloon and stretch it, and blow it up much larger than its original size.  If you instantly let the air out, it will go back close to its original size, but the latex will be a little loose.

Now, let’s say you blow that balloon up much larger, and the latex is very stretched, and then you leave it that size for a significant period of time. When you deflate the balloon it will be much looser and still stretched out. Skin acts the same way. If you lose a significant amount of weight, your skin has already been stretched out for a period of time, and once it is that stretched out, although some will elasticize, it has no place to go. The same actually goes for muscle. If you visualize a body builder, (for example’s sake an extreme body builder like an Arnold Schwarzenegger type), they build their muscles to a certain size. Well, in turn that muscle mass has no place to go when they stop training, the mass just changes form usually to bulk unless they continually tone. The same with stretch marks, they will lighten and get significantly smaller, but traces of them will always remain no matter how small you get.

Let’s take a second to talk about the scale. I blame society for this. It apparently has become so engrained in our minds that we, at our height should weigh a certain amount.  My next question…Says who? I have women who come seeking counsel regularly that say they want to be 120 lbs. Little does that woman know, her bone structure is not built to be that size. That particular woman might look sickly at 120 lbs., whereas someone of a different build and frame, that may be a healthy weight for. Guess what… your frame, and your build, and your bone structure are not the same as the person next to you. Whoever said the scale was anyone’s friend LIED. Stop focusing on numbers on the scale and focus on what you see in the mirror. Focus on how your clothes fit. You like what you see, Fantastic!!! Keep up the great work! You are uncomfortable in your own skin… then make some changes to meet your goals.

At the end of the day losing weight, toning up, getting healthy… it is a LIFESTYLE. Not to mention a commitment that takes time, work and constant dedication. Results take work. There is no magic supplement, or pill despite all the hogwash the nutrition industry will try and sell you. They are making tons of money off peoples strong desires for a quick, easy fix.  YOU are the owner of your body and mind. So, is it possible? ABSOLUTELY! But it starts with realistic expectations. Set your mind on the right course, and you are already on your way.

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The Beauty of a Woman

A few years ago I met a man who was up from Charleston to do some business. After talking for quite some time we realized he knew a former client of mine. Such a small world it is. What I found most fascinating is how he described her. When they met she was this brave, strong woman, full of exuberance, and self-confidence, as she was dancing in a club with such passion, as if no one was watching her. He said she was a “wild one”.
I literally laughed out loud. What a great, independent woman she was. However, that was not the same woman who had originally come to me. When we first met, that “wild” woman was hiding. The woman who originally came to me couldn’t bear to even look at herself in the mirror and see her own insecurities, and was so self-conscious in how her body moved when trying to dance, she looked more appropriately suited to be dancing in church than in a night club. Throughout the several years I had her as a client, her “change” always reminded me of a butterfly spreading its wings and being set free.
For years I have seen it over and over. It’s more common than not. Women are hiding. We have been taught that we cannot be too sexy, (people will talk about us, “she must be a Ho”), cannot be too confident (then we are stuck up or conceited), cannot be beautiful (for then we must not be humble), cannot be strong (or else we are manly), cannot be independent (“she must not want a man”), cannot be opinionated (“she’s a bitch”), and the list goes on of all the things women shouldn’t be. So, we have been hiding. We hide under our clothes to hide our bodies, we learn to talk a certain way as to not offend, we look quickly to always be in a relationship, often because we are not truly comfortable with just ourselves.
Women care so much about what other people think. We care what our husbands will think, what our bosses will think, what our families will think, and what our friends will think….. but what about what WE think and feel?! Society has pushed us to be inside this tiny box. We feel the need to compete from the time we are little girls against one another instead of boosting each other up. Why? A strong, sexy, fierce, beautiful, independent, opinionated, EMPOWERED woman is the most feared thing on the planet.
At Wicked Fitness we strive to change society one woman at a time. Women are beautiful, sexy, fierce, strong, funny, quirky, silly, but most of them are lost. They’ve forgotten how to be these things and be ok with it. We give you permission!! You will actually really love that you you have been stifling. We have created a safe place where all women can be accepted and loved for exactly as they are. No boxes required. Actually, we quite prefer you out of your box. Can you handle it? Feeling sexier in your own skin? Remembering the beautiful being you truly are? Having self-confidence and opinions, and not being afraid to actually have conversations and voice them? Find your voice. Find your butterfly and set her free. Stand in your power.

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Kale The Other Protein

fresh oranges with tape, healthy diet

Defying the aging process may be impossible but according to studies you may be able to slow it down by simply eating the right foods. Scientists believe that consistently eating fresh foods that are rich in antioxidants will not only delay the aging process but will also provide you with countless health benefits. Antioxidants help remove free radicals from the body that can be very harmful and facilitate disease.    Kale, Vitamin A, Vitamin K, Vitamin C, Cancer, Protein, diet, nutrition, fruits, vegetables, antioxidants, fresh foods, antioxidants, fitness, health, exercise

Many fresh foods including a variety of fruits and vegetables can provide you with antioxidants. At the very top of our list is Kale, and it’s one of the healthiest and most nutritious greens. Although kale wasn’t always so popular, more recently it has become a staple in a healthy diet regiment for many.

Kale is high in protein and extremely high in vitamins such as Vitamin A, Vitamin K, Vitamin C and Manganese. Also, the little fat that it does contain Omega-3 fatty acid, which is the kind you want to consume. Kale is an excellent source of Vitamin C containing even more than a whole orange. It can also aid in lowering cholesterol, which can help reduce the risk of heart disease. According to studies, kale has also been associated with containing compounds that have protective effects against fighting cancer. Although many dietary fads come and go, kale should become a permanent part of your health regiment.

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