In addition to teaching yoga, Anna is a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. She strives to combine her healing and education to help others release the blocks that limit one from a life full of health, love, happiness, and peace. Anna is certified as a 200 hour Fluid Yoga Teacher. She trained with Kevan Gale and Betty Riaz of Stil Studio in Dedham, Massachusetts.
In her spare time, Anna enjoys running, working out, expressive writing, reading books that challenge her inner knowing, traveling and spending time with friends who enjoy living life with a smile and a kind heart.
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Anna finds yoga as a beautiful journey that offers an opportunity to follow her inner guide. It reminds her that she is enough in every moment. She began her yoga practice when she was in high school and has been on an ongoing adventure with her practice ever since. It wasn’t until after traveling to Mexico, on a yoga retreat in 2012, that she took the leap and achieved her 200 RYT certification.
In addition, Anna has personal experience around eating disorders, anxiety, and limiting beliefs. It wasn’t until finding the path of yoga and meditation that she was able to cultivate a new perspective on life. Her practice, reflections, and affirmations have taught her to live intuitively and transform negative thought patterns.