Karina Maselli

Karina Maselli Wicked Fitness
Certified Celtic Reiki Practitioner and Certified Crystal Healer
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Hi!  I’m Karina Maselli.  Originally from Guatemala, I have been living in the USA since I was 20.  I am a mother and a grandmother.  I have been studying Natural Medicine since I was 23.  I am fascinated by the resources our Earth provides for us and the innate abilities we have to resonate with their healing vibrations.  I believe our quality of life is more important than the length of it and have discovered that the choice is in our hands!
I am passionate about life itself and want to live my life to the fullest.  I envision a life of useful purpose, service, gratitude and cooperation.
I believe that everything has a purpose and I have followed the open doors that life has presented for me leading me to study Natural Medicine, Aromatherapy, Reiki, Holistic Tarot and Holistic Crystal Healing.  This is just the beginning for me.  Life is a work in progress and I am constantly evolving and learning new things in order to grow into my maximum potential.
What we give is the only legacy that we leave behind.  There is nothing in this life that will transition with us except what we did for others.  I would like to walk a path of cooperation and be granted the opportunity to assist others in uncovering the best of themselves while leaving healthy footprints.

Appointments are available for Energy Healing:

Mon-Friday: Anytime 5:30 pm or later. Saturdays after 5pm and Anytime Sundays as availability permits. Call 877-751-2992 to book your appointment