Marisa Karoutsos

Marisa Karoutsos Wicked Fitness
Marisa received her certification to teach vinyasa in the summer of 2017 when she completed her 200 hour training program.
Her interest in the chakra systems is a big part of what drives and focuses her practice. Whether it's opening up the heart, or grounding into the earth, her classes are usually focused with a chakra in mind. As a teacher, her goal is to help her students set their intentions, work towards them, and hopefully leave practice with a quiet(er) mind.
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Facts about Marisa Karoutsos -
Originally from Ohio, Marisa moved as often as possible after high school, landing her in awesome places like the mountains of Banner Elk in North Carolina, down to Florida, out to Las Vegas, eventually leading her to Myrtle Beach, where she has deepened her appreciation for slowing down, and started the path towards her spiritual practice. For Marisa, yoga has been and continues to be a completely transformative process. It has not only helped her start achieving physical goals, but has shaped her ability to focus inward, feel energies, and listen to the divine. Her background in and passion for dance and musical theater gives her a unique, flowing style to help the body lengthen, strengthen and open, while exploring the art of connecting body to breath. Dealing with an ongoing back injury has taught Marisa the importance of being safety conscious during practice, and encourages every student to treat themselves as individuals and to not push the body beyond its limits, but rather to take pride in where they are today.