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My name is Missy and I'm a psychic medium. I, unlike others didn't recognize my gifts until about 5 years ago after my Mother passed away. I'd always had things happen to me but being a very literal person would rationalize why I'd know certain things. I was also brought up in a very Christian household with my parents being music ministers at our Church. Christianity doesn't condone my abilities. After my Mom's passing I became very open to my gifts and began searching to understand them better. I learned that all gifts are from God and we have the choice in how we use them. For good or for bad. I made my choice and started doing readings. The more I opened up to embrace my abilities the more I realized they were needed to help others. I never wanted attention or to be in the spotlight. That being said, I have always wanted to help others and will do what's necessary to do so. With the help of my Angels, Ancestors and Spirit Guides I'm looking forward to helping you as well.