If you have never been to Wicked Fitness, click on the links below to learn more about our amazing trainers. These ladies will help you get back on track with your physical and mental well being.

Ashley Spalding

Ashley Spalding

Ashley loves how she can use her passion of all forms of movement to music to help women boost self confidence, reach new fitness goals, and love themselves and their body’s just as they are. Every woman is a Queen, and helping remind them of that has helped her find her own strength and path in life.

Natalie Boyle wicked fitness instructor

Natalie Boyle

Part mermaid, part warrior and 100% woman, Natalie leads a dynamic class where community is queen and sisterhood is the vibe.

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Rosemary Feely-Tierney

Rosemary Feely-Tierney

Rosemary has an eclectic background in various mind/body modalities. She came out of the womb moving and hasn’t stopped since.

Mandy Bradshaw Wicked Fitness

Mandy Bradshaw

I hope to spread the knowledge and show people that yoga goes beyond being able to touch their toes, and that they can develop the tools to control their own happiness.

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Marisa Karoutsos Wicked Fitness

Marisa Karoutsos

Whether it’s opening up the heart, or grounding into the earth, her classes are usually focused with a chakra in mind.

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Karina Maselli Wicked Fitness

Karina Maselli

What we give is the only legacy that we leave behind.  There is nothing in this life that will transition with us except what we did for others.  I would like to walk a path of cooperation and be granted the opportunity to assist others in uncovering the best of themselves while leaving healthy footprints.

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Rita Marley Wicked Fitness Yoga

Rita Marley

“It feels counterintuitive to call myself a Kids Yoga Teacher when I feel like I learn just as much from the kids who are practicing with me.”