If you have never been to Wicked Fitness, click on the links below to learn more about our amazing trainers. These ladies will help you get back on track with your physical and mental well being.

Jill Stanley Wicked Fitness Instructor Yoga

Jill Stanley

Jill brings her love of movement as a classically trained dancer and instructor to the mat.

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Rosemary Feely-Tierney

Rosemary Feely-Tierney

Rosemary has an eclectic background in various mind/body modalities. She came out of the womb moving and hasn’t stopped since.


My name is Missy and I’m a psychic medium. I, unlike others didn’t recognize my gifts until about 5 years ago after my Mother passed away.

Lauren Jeffcoat

A yoga and fitness enthusiast for more than a decade, Lauren has always loved to mix music with exercise!

Renee Lannotti wicked fitness

Renee Iannotti

My goal is to help you build strength, gain confidence, and improve mobility, all while enjoying yourself and having fun.

Brian Hakoun

Brian Hakoun

Brian brings his love of physical fitness to you because of the amazing transformation Brian felt in his own life.

Dorothy Apollonio

Dorothy Apollonio

Dorothy expanded her learning/teaching repertoire, as she studied under some of the best instructors for Pole and Burlesque.

Sara Millar wicked fitness

Sara Millar

As a fitness professional Sara strongly advocates the importance of proper nutrition. Healthy eating is key and creating nutrient dense, delicious meals is a passion of hers.