Women’s Circle

Wicked's Positive-Vibe Sisters Tribe Women’s Circle

Wicked Positive Vibe-Sister Tribe Women’s Circle

Wicked’s Positive-Vibe Sisters Tribe Women’s Circle is led by Elizabeth Doncheski!
Meets at Wicked Healthy Kitchen Mondays at 6:15-7:15 pm. (Kitchen is closed on Mondays, so total privacy is available)

Mission Statement: Rooted in Sisterhood, safety and authenticity, Wicked Positive Vibe Sister Tribe Circle was founded. Join us every Monday for a non-judgmental, comfortable, and supportive gathering. Confidentiality, compassion, and friendship are a top priority.

From Elizabeth:

A safe container to discuss any and all topics that Women face throughout their lives with a circle of like-minded, high-vibrational women. All adult women of any age welcomed.

As women, we have the ability to relate and understand one another’s stories, triumphs and struggles with a sense of intuitive compassion and empathy, yet oftentimes we hesitate to be open with those we know, due to either concern for judgment, not wanting to burden others close to us, or confidentiality.

Elizabeth enjoys gathering people together in circle to offer those who feel called to join a place of positive energy, a place to be heard and a way for ladies of any age to gain friendships and connect authentically. Love offering of $10. Can register online or just show up for meeting.