Wicked Boot Camp™

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Muscles used in this workout: • Abdomen • Buttocks • Thighs • Shoulders • Arms • Legs • Feet

Wicked Fitness Boot Camp: A Wicked Workout™

Class length: 60 minutes

Class description:

Wicked Fitness Boot Camp is an ideal choice for lasting weight loss and for individuals that want a healthier and more enjoyable lifestyle. We combine deep breathing exercise, meditation, motivation, and a variety of exercises and drills such as plyometrics, agility drills, flexibility training, and body sculpting in a high-energy group environment.

Unlike traditional boot camps, there is no yelling and screaming. At Wicked Fitness Boot Camp, your instructor is dedicated to helping you achieve your fitness and nutritional goals. We encourage you to do your personal best regardless of your fitness level. We ask that you discuss any injuries or limitations with your instructor and she/he will give you an alternative or modified version of the activities, allowing you to complete that boot camp’s session.
You will become Wicked Fit and shed your unwanted weight in the shortest time possible with this unstoppable fitness boot camp program. And best of all, unlike traditional health clubs you’ll never feel intimidated or have to deal with overcrowding. Enroll today at Wicked Fitness Boot Camp you will soon see why size matters.

This total body workout is one designed to challenge everyone from the motivated beginner, to the seasoned athlete. There is no time for your muscles to get used to this program, with a new gauntlet every week. This class is designed to challenge your body from head to toe. All are welcome! All we ask is that you bring your desire to change your body, and leave your self-doubt at the door. Come and take the challenge of becoming a Wicked Warrior!
Wicked Fitness Boot Camp
Our Fitness Formula
• Burn Fat & Get Fit: We have designed a combination of core strengthening and body toning to maximize fat burn and boost your metabolism. Get Wicked Fit!
• Save Time: Our Wicked Fitness Boot Camp integrates 4 basic fitness factors that make you lean, toned, and healthy.


• The “Non-Diet”: Simply follow sensible eating guidelines and watch your body change while on your Non-Diet.
• Block Your Fat Storage Hormones: Stress releases cortisol and too much cortisol can slow down your metabolism. Wicked Fitness Boot Camp significantly reduces stress levels resulting in your body producing less cortisol. Say hello to your lean and firm body.
• Get Motivated, Inspired & Challenged: We believe in fitness through motivation, not intimidation.


For more information about any of our classes at Wicked Fitness, please contact us at 877-751-2992 or use the form below.


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