Wicked Cycle Boxing

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Muscles used in this workout: • Abdomen • Thighs • Arms • Shoulders • Buttocks • Legs • Feet

Wicked Cycle Boxing: A Wicked Workout™

Class length: 60 minutes

Class description:

Cycle Boxing, a combination of indoor cycling and kickboxing takes place in a high energy group setting. This combo class blends two of the most exhilarating and effective means of cardiovascular fitness into a calorie torching exercise class. The class is held primarily on the bike and will include cycling intervals mixed with upper body boxing conditioning. Cycle Boxing is a great way to build both upper and lower body strength and endurance.

Benefits of Cycling:Wicked Fitness Cycleboxing
• Fun aerobic activity in a group setting
• Burn calories
• Increase endurance
• Jump start your metabolism
• Strengthen the heart and lungs
• Decrease stress
• Lower total cholesterol
• Improve your quality of life

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