New Body with Pole Fitness

Try Pole Fitness and get Wicked Fit.

Try Pole Fitness and get Wicked Fit.

Taboo is in. Pole dancing once took place only in gentlemen clubs, but now it’s a mainstream exercise for women of all ages, shapes, and personalities. So much so that many women have installed poles in their bedrooms after attending a series of pole fitness classes. Our instructors at Wicked Fitness will guide you step by step. No dance experience is required for our Pole Fitness class. That’s right, you can have 2 left feet!

Benefits of Pole Fitness/Sculpting
Strength training workouts are essential to incorporate into your regimen. When you strength train the muscles in your body begin breaking down only to rebuild. Once this occurs your body will continue to burn calories long after your workout is over. A great way to achieve this while having fun is by taking a pole fitness class.

If you are finding conventional workouts boring and redundant pole fitness is a great alternative. Through isometrics that target your body’s major muscle groups you will sculpt long and lean muscle. Your workout should be something you look forward to not something you dread. When you are healthy and in shape, your inner confidence will shine through so try our pole fitness class today!

Call Wicked Fitness at 877-751-2992 to schedule your Pole Fitness class for $10 today. It is our privilege to guide each woman to a healthier body that is tone and sculpted to perfection. Best of all…Results range from boosted self-confidence, self-expression, weight loss, and a whole lot of GIRL POWER.

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