MindBody Registration

MindBody Registration

Wicked Fitness is an exclusive fitness studio in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Our instructors provide an intimate environment ideal for yoga, cardio, and fun events. We are located next to St. James High School on Hwy. 707.

Call 877-751-2992 to reserve your space or visit our schedule and find a class that best suits your fitness needs. If you need help deciding what class to take, we’re happy to assist you. Call Christy at 877-751-2992 or email us at wickedfitness@yahoo.com with your questions.

**Please give the registration a few minutes to load*** Complete registration to set up your Mindbody account.  This is a convenient, nationwide scheduling system.  Once you have completed your registration….you will receive a Welcome to Wicked Fitness email. This email signifies that you are now part of a welcoming family and ready to start booking classes.  You can book one at a time or leave a credit card on file (completely secure) to easily book each class.  Want the convenience of booking classes right from your smartphone?  Download the free MindBody app AFTER you have completed online registration (important, will not work if you download the app first) Now booking classes, our schedule and special events are right at your fingertips throughout the day.  We look forward to seeing you in class.



Personal Training: You will need to complete a short registration (click on link below) in order to place your appointment. If you have an questions or need assistance please call us at 877-751-2992. To complete MindBody registration, fill complete the New to Our Studio? Register Here registration.

Click here to download the application form (pdf)
or click here to download and email the application form (doc)

Disclaimer: “You” understand that exercise may be a risk to your physical health and safety if not done properly. You further understand that it is the recommendation of Wicked Fitness, LLC that you consult a physician prior to using any equipment on the premises, engaging in any exercise program or activity, or undertaking any food or diet program, whether or not such program is recommended by Wicked Fitness, LLC. You understand that neither Wicked Fitness LLC nor the advice of any member of the Wicked Fitness, LLC personnel is a substitute for medical advice.

Wicked Fitness has the right to refuse any client for any reason they deem necessary. All decisions made on a client’s ability to maintain registered with Wicked Fitness will remain final.

Call 877-751-2992 to be empowered and inspired, today.