• Testimonial

    Emily B.

    Emily B.,

    Being new to the area, I searched for several months for the right place to join to improve my fitness level. I was unhappy with the way I looked and felt. After visiting and trying out some of the larger gyms, I was fortunate to find Wicked Fitness. It is unlike anything else I’ve experienced in the fitness industry. Wicked Fitness offers a small and personal environment where the instructors get to know each client individually. By knowing each individual, the instructors are able to offer suggestions for exercise modifications, motivate each person according to their needs, provide expertise on exercise technique and safety, and offer boundless encouragement. What makes Wicked Fitness so special is the environment and culture that has been created. I was amazed that the other class members offer so much support and encouragement to each other. There is no competition at Wicked - no one is concerned with who can lift heaviest weights or who has the best physique. I instead, everyone encourages each other and celebrates in each other’s successes! This community of like-minded people lift each other up on a daily basis. I take a variety of exercise classes and styles at Wicked, from yoga to cardio to resistance training. We even have classes on the beach! I love the variety because it keeps me continually motivated and challenged. I have opportunities to work my muscles in different ways, preventing exercise boredom. I started this journey with significant physical limitations- back problems and arthritis in both knees. With the help of my instructors, I perform my exercises with appropriate modifications and slowly built up my abilities to the point where I require fewer modifications than I once did. I did not diet or follow a specific nutrition plan, but still lost weight and dropped almost two clothing sizes. I am in my early 60s and back to my college weight. I wear a smaller size now than I did in college because I am significantly leaner now. Most importantly, I feel great - stronger with greater body control and much more energy. I am so thankful for Wicked Fitness and my exercise community there.